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funny twitter thread about craziest foods people snuck into movie theatres | thumbnail Text - jessica rose marie @Catholic_Rose Replying to @LocalSoundwave Once I sat next to a lady that looked pregnant. Then she pulled half a seran wrapped watermelon out from under her shirt and started eating it with a spoon from her purse. 7:02 AM Dec 4, 2020 - Twitter Web App 65 Retweets 15 Quote Tweets 2.5K Likes

Large Servings Of Food Movie Goers Snuck Into Theatres: Twitter Thread

The audacity!
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heartwarming stories of how people met their partners | thumbnail Text - Cheryl Strayed @CherylStrayed 9/24/95: I was broke so I sold my things at a friend's yard sale. A handsome man rode up on a bicycle and bought a pencil sharpener in the shape of an airplane from me. We flirted. He invited me to join him and his friend for dinner that night. I did. His friend is my husband. Jennifer Williams @jreganwilliams Sep 6 I may have asked this before but how did you meet your partner? I

Heartwarming Twitter Thread Of How People Met Their Partners

Love finds us in the most mysterious ways
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Debate on Twitter as Tampax creates inclusive campaign for all people who bleed | thumbnail text - Tampax O @Tampax 000 TAMPAX Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let's celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed! V9: @gobeeharris #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful 2:31 AM Sep 16, 2020 · Twitter Web App 2.5K Retweets 8K Quote Tweets 13.7K Likes Buffy the misogynist slayer (cervix haver) @Opiumbrella Replying to @Tampax and @gobeehar

Twitter Debate As Tampax Celebrates ‘All People Who Bleed’, In Inclusive Period Campaign

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man complains on Twitter that he can't get a date despite having 700lbs. of beef a year | thumbnail Text - Dangerously Beefy @vickers_stephen 000 My housing is paid for. I make a good salary. I get health insurance, 401k, 700 Ibs of beef a year, and I live on a couple hundred acres. I'm a puncher by trade with a bachelors degree. And I swear you women would rather have a loser than a provider. It's sad

Man With 700lbs. Of Beef Can't Get A Date: Funny Twitter Thread

Merciless roasting ensues
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funny infographic showing women's average height in each country | thumbnail - Text - Text - Sabah Ibrahim @reina_sabah As an Indian woman, I can confirm that too much of my time is spent hiding behind a rock praying the terrifying gang of international giant ladies and their Latvian general don't find me

Ridiculous Pictograph Of Average Female Height Per Country: Funny Twitter Thread

Women's issues taken seriously (not)
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people share stories of finding success over the age of 40 | Text - Jan Owen @janjowen Replying to @muranofiction My husband died when I was 48. I finished my bachelors at 50 and started grad school at 51. I graduated at almost 54. Then I started a counseling private practice. So- new degree, new business, new career.

People's Stories Of Finding Success Over The Age Of 40

It's never too late
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funny tweets of Michael's store website online chat function with customers

Michaels’ Store Website Has Function To Chat With Other Shoppers: Funny Twitter Thread

When stores aren't just for shopping
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stories of people flashing professionals by mistake - cover pic tweet about woman who unnecessarily took off pants and underwear when getting hip tattoo | sarah schauer @sarahschauer having bad flashback time got my hip tattoo and took off my pants and underwear and tattoo artist said absolutely did not need

Woman Unnecessarily Flashed Tattoo Artist, Inspires Others To Reveal Similar Mistakes

The Twitter thread of embarrassing revelations
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twitter thread of people revealing their age without numbers | @ddtorrez28 #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers My after school specials were these shows Calliou Arthur Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman | Ashley @CookiesNCyanide #RevealYourAgeWithoutNumbers trying write on one these not smear all over place

People Reveal Their Age Without Numbers - Twitter Thread

Pictures tell a whole different story
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twitter thread about what to do before getting married - cover pic define what cheating is | Saag Jaan @cxkenobxkerry DONT GET MARRIED BEFORE thread | is cheating? Entanglements? Define breaks? Breakups?

"Don't Get Married Before..." - Viral Twitter Thread

Pearls of marriage wisdom
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funny tweets introducing male characters the way male screenwriters describe women - cover pic funny tweet describing male character | Shaula Evans @ShaulaEvans Replying jelenawoehr and @becauseivy BOBBY HARDWOOD (23 boy next door, handsome but doesn't know jiggles perkily down stairs despite his XL-cup jockstrap. His perfect, chiseled, well-oiled, otherwise naked body glistens. He grins at MS PROTAGONIST, knowing her insults are really coded flirtation.

Introducing Male Characters Like Male Screenwriters Describe Women: Twitter Thread

Literature rewritten as we know it
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tweets about the Metro UK challenging themselves to spend Jeff Bezos' net worth | Amazon founder Jeff Bezos records yesterday as saw the largest ever growth in wealth in day. mogul a whopping $13 billion dollars in 24 hours. bringing his net worth to S 189.3 bdlbn. THREAD) | We still have a lot to spend. So how can dent this obscene sum? Jeff needs a fighter jet, because what billionaire CEO doesn't need a small army at his disposal. Ten F-22 Raptors. That should do it. $1.4 billion.

Metro UK Try (And Fail) To Spend Net Worth Of Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon - Twitter Thread

The struggles of being rich
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Twitter Thread listing Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep - cover image tweet listing reasons why sleep is bad | aiko @1chigoko consistently sleeping less than 6-7 hrs wrecks immune system doubles risk cancer sleep is key factor determining if will develop Alzheimer's improper sleep even week will disrupt sleep enough could be classified as pre-diabetic 10:22 AM Jun 24, 2020 Twitter iPhone >

Twitter Thread On The Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep

This. Is. Scary. Stuff
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funny twitter thread on why babies are problematic - cover pic ash @ARTSHL3Y 3) they especially prey on women. women lose sleep, their own BODILY FLUIDS, and sanity all just these misogynists are still allowing and supporting this 7:00 PM May 9, 2019 Twitter iPhone

Satirical Twitter Thread About Why Babies Are Problematic

The anti-baby movement is real
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family genes copy paste twitter thread genetics mirror | shelbyle @contrashelby Grandma's genes really hit copy n paste huh 2:39 AM May 24, 2020 Twitter iPhone 45.5K Retweets 554.6K Likes >

People Show How Family Genes 'Hit Copy And Paste' - Twitter Thread

It's like looking in the mirror
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People share their most controversial movie opinion | tweet by NatashaVorster Replying TwitterMovies Disney doesn't need make every dang movie into live action or ever their calling Leave my childhood cartoons alone!

@TwitterMovies Ask Readers To Reveal "Most Controversial Movie Opinion"

People are revealing their most controversial movie opinion
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