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people share the funniest things they've heard others say in their sleep | thumbnail Text - Joanna Hardy @Joanna_Hardy 00 Good morning to everyone except my partner who, at 2am, mid-dream, sat bolt upright in bed and terrifyingly shouted into the dark: "Will there be a buffet?" 9:44 AM Jan 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 9.9K Retweets 1.8K Quote Tweets 166.2K Likes Mark Blacklock 000 @MarxMedia Replying to @Joanna_Hardy Much better than a partner who rises bolt upright slowly, silently as if from t

People Reveal Funniest Things They've Heard Others Say In Their Sleep

Sleep talking at its finest
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women reveal the moment they realized their ex hated them | thumbnail text - Ness @Vanessa123uk Replying to @Oloni When he ate nuts and kissed me to see what would happen.. I'm freakin allergic 7:29 PM · Jul 13, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,280 Retweets 1,054 Quote Tweets 20.7K Likes

Women Reveal The Moment They Realized Their Ex Hated Them

The moment things go totally south
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people reveal genius hacks for getting out of submitting homework on time | thumbnail text - Janine ... @jsbalek Replying to @TheMikeChase I actually convinced my fifth grade teacher that I submitted a massive project we all were supposed to have been working on for weeks that I never did and she just lost it. I can't believe I had the nerve. 5:54 AM · Jul 2, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Reveal Genius Hacks For Getting Out Of Submitting Homework On Time

The life hacks we all needed
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tom ellis as a cat | thumbnail text - comfort for ellis stans! @ellislovebot #TOMELLIS as a cat; mini thrend. 10:28 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for Android

Twitter Thread Reveals Lucifer's Tom Ellis Is Secretly A Cat

Gotta love the internet
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people reveal weirdest places they were hit on - cover pic | Text - Anna Seg @anna_seg Replying to @kthorjensen In the break room during a large group company orientation DIRECTLY AFTER WATCHING the sexual harassment train. Dude literally started by saying "I don't want to sound like the guy in the video..."

People Reveal Weirdest Places They've Ever Been Hit On

The art of seduction
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funny texts about men apologizing Text - Lemon of Lime @EMaietta Replying to @aj_fairley *pretends nothing happened* Oh, you're still mad? I thought we were past that

Funny Twitter Thread Poking Fun At How Some Men Apologize

'You hungry?'
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funny twitter thread of people letting their keyboards autocomplete their apologies | Text - Karma @OniRevenant Im sorry for being so late to the other penis party ash @NihachuEatsCats · Sep 17 type "I'm sorry for being" and let your keyboard finish it for you

Funny Tweets Of People Letting Their Keyboards Autocomplete Apologies

When technology takes over
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funny tweets on how to escape a bad date - cover pic | Text - Dave Matt @davematt88 #How ToEscapeADate Show up reading a book called " The Idiot's Guide to Herpes."

Funny Ways To Escape a Bad Date (Twitter Thread)

The best dating tips and tricks
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funny tweets about feral things people have been doing during quarantine | Text - KDramasNSilents @KDramasNSilents Replying to @drewtoothpaste Ate an entire diced raw cabbage out if a bowl cuz i got tired partway through prep and didn't want to cook anymore. And then I did it again with the cabbage i bought to replace that cabbage.

People Confess 'Most Feral Thing' They Did Over Past Six Months, Funny Twitter Thread

It's been a rough six months...
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how twitter responded to burger king's sexist joke

The Best Twitter Responses To Burger King's Misogynist Tweet

What not to do on International Women's Day
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Twitter thread about how horny guys are easily led to their death in horror movies due to their inability to detect shady situations | thumbnail text - Men horror movies are always like wow sexy lady just emerged woods/bog/cave/lake etc. and wants kiss Nothing suspicious about this!

Funny Twitter Thread Reveals The Stupidity of Horny Guys in Horror Movies

Who knew men were so easy to manipulate?
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people share their bizarre childhood beliefs | thumbnail Text - Moose Friend @sarahthemoose Replying to @Kristen Arnett My dad told me the appendix was an organ our cavemen ancestors needed to hold rocks to grind up their food I was TWENTY TWO about to go in for emergency surgery, crying "I've never even eaten any rocks" when the ER docs had a good laugh at me 5:08 PM · Dec 20, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone >

People Reveal Weird Childhood Beliefs

The blissful ignorance of kids
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people share the ridiculous things they did for losers they were in love with | thumbnail Text - Christmas trees & COVID vaccines @teedotham Replying to @literElly At twenty-and-one-whole-idiot years old, a guy asked me to pretend to be a delivery person and take his ex [who he was trying to win back] flowers and a bear. My ass walked into a lecture hall and she clocked me IMMEDIATELY, then pulled me out in the hall to yell at me [..fair]. 5:37 AM Dec 21, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone

People Reveal Ridiculous Things They Did When They Were 'In Love'

That good ol' Oxytocin
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twitter thread of women describing being a woman without using the word woman | thumbnail Text - Sanjana Singh @filmy_singh A whole market thrives on my insecurities about my body O Gayatri @jestme Dec 10 Tell me you're a woman without telling me you're a woman. Show this thread 12:00 PM Dec 11, 2020 Twitter Web App >

Tweets About Being A Woman Without Saying 'Woman'

The depressing reality of inequality
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twitter thread of celebs and their kids who look identical | thumbnail Text - Ivy Park Beam @ScottieBeam I know this is how genes work but WOW 9:33 pm · 07/12/2020 · Twitter for iPhone 16.4K Retweets 4,219 Quote Tweets 259K Likes @fbombs_ Replying ScottieBeam happens guys 3:49 pm 08/12/2020 Twitter Android 10 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 761 Likes

Celebs And Their Kids Looking Identical: Twitter Thread

Celeb genes are strong!
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kids describe their parents jobs in funny twitter thread | thumbnail Text - Household Government @LadyBugAssassin My friend's daughter was asked by her teacher what does her mother do for a living. Miss thing said move papers around and talk on the phone. My friend is a judge. 9 11:03 PM Oct 19, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 14.8K Retweets 678 Quote Tweets 130.5K Likes >

Kids Describing Their Parent's Jobs: Funny Twitter Thread

Kids say the darndest things
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