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dating twitter thread | thumbnail text - anna borges @annabroges this guy and went on date few years ago only mutually ghost each other and rematch over and over across apps ever since and tbh think at this point 's my most serious relationship MATCHED WITH ETHAN ON 10/21/22 always good see Saturday 5:46 AM Lmao. Yes definitely are Sunday 6:12 PM oh know still here!

People Reveal Their 'Will They Or Won't They' Stories That Happened IRL (Twitter Thread)

Maybe it's time to actually go on a date
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dating twitter thread | thumbnail text - SCORPIOS GROOVE | minister of enjoyment @faithxo ... Replying to @Oloni We met on a dating app! He msgd me with a cute joke about us being tall (6'4 & 5'10). He's definitely my person. 5 years together 6:18 PM - Oct 25, 2022. Twitter for Android

People Reveal How They Met The Loves Of Their Lives On Social Media And Dating Apps (Twitter Thread )

Can't help falling in love with you
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twitter thread about men's lies | thumbnail text - AL @prettybaddie27 Replying Pooooossaa came his place and someone else flushing toilet bathroom while he changing sheets had wet stains on them. He told he had peed on his bed and he just bought dog who learned use toilet like person dog his fiancee. 5:12 PM Oct 21, 2022 Twitter Android

Women Reveal The Wildest Lies Men Ever Told Them (Twitter Thread)

So many lies
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twitter thread about stealing someone's boyfriend | thumbnail text - Mari p8stie most important thing start out with is maintaining plausible deniability. Don't be too up front. Just Enter his sphere as friend, talk (only little) about other dates, about family hobbies. Find out he likes and get interested those things 5:52 PM Oct 9, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Woman Posts Detailed Twitter Thread About How To Successfully Steal Someone Else's Boyfriend

Breakup up with your girlfriend, we're bored
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twitter thread about stopping other women from stealing your boyfriend | thumbnail text - Mari p8stie If can, surround yourself with annoying women generally Bait girl trying steal bf into being annoying by putting her bad position Go pizza place she's gluten free, plan haunted house trip even though know her scream is unappealing etc 8:28 AM Oct 11, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Woman Posts Detailed Twitter Thread About Preventing Other Women From Stealing Your Boyfriend

Watch out
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twitter thread about attraction | thumbnail text - Chadford Whitmore II @PunchableFacell Replying thedatingboss This is life changing tweet. Never realized being jacked, having confidence and looking good attractive women. 6:51 AM Oct 5, 2022. Twitter Web App

Dating Coach Reveals Her Tips For Becoming More Attractive, Gets Roasted By Twitter

Tip #1: Work out everyday
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ghosting twitter thread | thumbnail text - @BLEMISH sorry ghosted felt genuine connection and got scared 8:57 PM Oct 6, 2022. Twitter iPhone

People Explore The Phenomenon Of Ghosting Someone Because We're Scared Of Our Feelings For Them (Twitter Thread)

Ghosting left and right for no reason
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twitter thread about bad first hinge date | thumbnail text - Miss Peacockery @MissPeacockery Replying FlemilyEming Every beard encountered on date has been stin

Woman Live Tweets About Hinge Date Gone Horribly Wrong, Discovers That All Beards Might Be Stinky

A short story about Hinge making yet another woman unhinged
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"ben dark hair pretty tall, nearing six foot maybe? he only stood up briefly but he taller than 5'7) wearing red kenzo tshirt didn't properly see his shoes but they were black (nikes tns maybe red iphone 12twitter thread about cheating on girlfriend with sister | thumbnail text -

British Gossip Girl Overhears Stranger Talking About Cheating On Girlfriend With Her Sister On The Tube, Broadcasts Story On Twitter

The secret's out
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twitter thread about people that aren't over their exes | thumbnail text - proud owner kia soul @dietdisco Replying gaialect one time asked guy (while were on date) if he over his ex and he LAUGHED and said "no" 7:47 PM. Sep 13, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Discuss Their Experiences Dating Someone Who Clearly Wasn't Over Their Ex (Twitter Thread)

Not an ideal way to start a new relationship
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twitter thread about having a seperate room than your significant other | thumbnail text - Virgo Grooves 9/19 @AVenusian Virgo PLUS. His bedroom is space says HIM. My bedroom is space says living room is space says US. 8:17 PM. Sep 11, 2022 Tallahassee, FL. Twitter iPhone

People Discuss The Benefits Of Not Sharing A Room With Your Significant Other (Twitter Thread)

Some space from your SO can be healthy
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twitter thread about dating | thumbnail text - finnfox @finnfoxxx ... Replying to @KennieJD I think it's weird when folks advocate for it as well. I remember all along my childhood some adult folks would be like "she's not my friend she's my girlfriend/wife". And I was y'all ain't friends? What is the whole point of this then???? 12:51 AM . Sep 7, 2022. Twitter Web App

People Debate If It Makes Sense To Date Someone That You Wouldn't Be Friends With (Twitter Thread)

We would love to become friends first
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twitter thread about making the bed post hookup | thumbnail text - sentimental girl @isnotbetterIRL Replying carobunga really NEED know his zodiac sign is 1:51 AM Sep 4, 2022. Twitter iPhone

Man Makes Woman's Bed After Hookup Instead Of Immediately Leaving, Twitter Is Shook

The bar is low
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aita post | thumbnail text - ALEX Guy's dog is single No guy who owns dog. Lol. ALEX Oh well looking serious relationship. So have fun with Wait does house sitting have do with wanting serious relationship am just helping friend who's out state.

Unhinged Man Freaks Out When He Discovers That The Woman He's Talking To Is Guilty Of Walking Another Man's Dog

People are very strange these days
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twitter thread about celebrating birthdays in a relationship | thumbnail text - tarrynlondon @tarrynlondon Replying to @RemelRossco I once dated a guy who (on our 4th year together) didn't know the reason we were going out for dinner until I told him it was my birthday that day 5:43 PM. Aug 16, 2022. Twitter for iPhone

People Debate The Value Of Celebrating Birthdays In Relationships (Twitter Thread)

Birthdays are a pretty big deal
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twitter thread about man who gets blocked by his Hinge | thumbnail text -  Bike lanes are for parking @MailmanStalker Replying to @drugs_abuser The worst part about this is in Nebraska

Hinge Date Blocks Nebraska Man After He Drives An Hour To Meet Her, Poor Guy Ends Up Watching Movie All Alone

We love when guys we're into put in some effort to make us happy. If he goes out of his way to come see us instead of the other way around, we know he must care about us a little (or at least care about our hookup game, and if that's the case, we'll gladly take the compliment. There are so many men out there who don't give a hoot about putting in effort for us, so it's refreshing when someone who genuinely cares about us does come along. Twitter user drugs_abuser (we're going to ignore his ques…
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