21 funny memes about people that don't want to have kids | Thumbnail includes a picture of a yellow sign and a picture of two grey pitbulls wearing onesies and cuddling 'Coleague: hey wanna see pictures of my kids? Me: 0 INTEREST Mom: how many kids do you want? Me: just two'

21 Best Memes For Childfree Millennials That Intentionally Choose Not To Have Kids

puppies > babies
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14 funny relationship memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of the boy from Gravity Falls pressing a red start button and a picture of a sandwich in a plastic bag with a note on top '"don't start with me" me: When you had a fight with your wife last night, but she still makes you a lunch the next day... FYI... This was NOT made With love.'

Funniest Relationship Memes To Tickle Your Love Handles

The best kind of relationships are filled with laughter
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gossip gossipy memes venting drama dramatic meme spill the tea bestie besties screenshots

Funniest Gossipy Memes for Blabbermouths Who Can't Resist Spilt Tea

GIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRLLL- Show me the screenshots
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single life memes dating relationships couples date relatable heart broken awkward apps dating apps love boyfriend girlfriend

Relatable Romantic Memes for Suspicious Singles Who Are Constantly Wading Through the Dating Shallows (January 31, 2023)

Just when I think I'm not gonna catch feelings ever again...
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funny relatable memes for for couples to send their boyfriend or girlfriend when they need attention

Funniest Dating Memes for When You Crave All the Attention in the Relationship (January 31, 2023)

Sometimes all you need to do so get someone to fall in love with you is to immediately repond to their text messages.
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17 screenshots from a Reddit post where people tell their 'before sunrise' stories when they met someone in a foreign country, spent the entire day/night with them, and then never saw them again | Thumbnail includes a pink and orange gradient background with two screenshots from a Reddit post 'When, if ever, have you had a 'Before Sunrise' like experience? yes - it was absolutely wonderful. i met a guy in florida. (i was visiting from the UK) - instantly connected and stayed up'

17 'Before Sunrise' Experiences Where People Met A Stranger In A Foreign Country, Spent 24 Hours With Them, & Then Never Saw Them Again

Bittersweet, but with an emphasis on the sweet.
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12 wild Tinder conversations | Thumbnail includes a pink and orange gradient with two screenshots of Tinder conversations 'Gor plans tonight? Cause I could definitely think up stuff we could get creative with it Sat, Aug 22, 2020, 9:10 PM Apparently as of today I am now homeless so, while I obviously would also enjoy getting to know you intimately I also would be happy if I had a couch to crash on. So what's the story behind the No face picture? Today 1:49 PM Of course.'

Wildest & Wittiest Tinder Conversations Of The Week (January 31, 2023)

The wilder the better
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20 classical art memes about dating and relationships | Thumbnail includes a picture of a peasant woman and a picture of a royal woman in a big dress. Thumbnail also includes a classical painting of a couple 'Choke me daddy Restrict my airflow father Women are so hard to read Such complex creatures Well actually we just wan- If you just liste- So mysterious'

20 Classical Art Memes That Perfectly Illustrate Relationships In The Modern Day And Age

Not much has changed, tbh
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Funny memes about relationship stages

Memes That Perfectly Describe The Difference Between Short Term and Long Term Dating

Short Term vs Long Term Dating in Memes
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22 funny and relatable memes about moody girlfriends | Thumbnail includes a picture of Daria the cartoon and Tina from Bob's Burgers. Thumbnail also includes a picture of Queen Elizabeth 'Who I think I am vs. who I actually am coconutoilpainting this may be the most accurate post I've ever seen WHEN YOUR BOYFRIEND THINKS HE IS FUNNY BUT HE ONLY PISSING U OFF'

20+ Best Relatable Relationship Memes For Extra Moody Girlfriends

We see you, we stand with you
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Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend | screenshot reads - usd on it. When I pulled her aside to our bedroom and asked her how much she spent on it she was like "don't worry about it honey I love you and want you to be happy" but I wasn't going for it and thought she was trying to show me up in front of all our friends. When she tried to kiss me I pushed her away and said why do you always try to flex your money on me?

Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend

A walking bouquet of red flags
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Article about toxic traits girls have when dating that includes funny memes

14 Amusing Memes About Toxic Traits Girls Have When Dating

Girls that have funny toxic traits
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29 funny and relatable memes about being married | Thumbnail includes a picture of Spongebob being excited to see Squidward and a picture of a married couple playing with cats 'How ya girl waits for you to come home from work when she had the day off our cats had a fight and my parents are trying to make them resolve it lol'

29 Relationship Memes For Happily Married Couples

Those that said 'I do' and never looked back
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14 screenshots from a Reddit post where a wife shares the story of how her husband won't let her eat crunchy food | Thumbnail includes a pink background with orange highlighted text 'usband (39) has misophonia. This mear nds he ab (us! thing n ren nam ny fo He b rson- like he really can't help himself. 'He refuses to compromise. Just expects me to never eat crunchy food ever again''

Psychotic Husband Prohibits His Wife To Eat Crunchy Foods In The House, Uses His Misophonia As An Excuse To Yell At Her Every Time She Dares To Crunch

Divorce babe, divorce
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17 funny memes about long-term relationships | Thumbnail includes a picture of a green monster and Sponge bob and a picture of a hairy monster 'My crazy ass gf Me knowing she just needs food Wife: "The shower won't drain!" My wife's hair waiting to make me gag as I pull all twenty-five pounds of it out of the drain...'

17 Very Accurate & Relatable Long-Term Relationship Memes

When you uncoditionally love each other but also tease each other like there's no tomorrow >>>
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A Dose of Memes for the Crazy Chicks In The Crowd | Thumbnail shows cartoon and girl crying

A Dose of Memes for the Crazy Chicks In The Crowd

Because normal is boring, right?
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