askmen post | thumbnail text - most_gracious_master 1 day ago thought married someone got pregnant randomly.

Men Reveal Hilarious Misconceptions They Had About Sex When They Were Younger

Kids have wild imaginations
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women reveal instant turn-ons | thumbnail text - dirtyLizard · 9h 3 When a man's got a big, fat, unapologetic hat. Just like a big old stovepipe or top hat. Hell, even a 10 gallon or a sombrero gets my motor revving. Baseball caps don't do it though, and all my friends agree. Go big or go home, I need at least a yacht captain hat

Women Reveal What Instantly Turns Them On About Men

The rules of attraction
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Things You Don't Want To Hear After Stripping Naked In Front Of Someone| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Deadly_R 9 hours ago What shouldn't you say when you see someone naked for the first time? 545 Comments ••88% Upvoted

Things You Don't Want To Hear After Stripping Naked In Front Of Someone

For entertainment purposes only
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Reddit thread about the walk of shame | thumbnail text - Posted by u/israblof 3 years ago What's your best walk of shame story? nsfw

People Reveal Their Most Epic Walks Of Shame

Let's hear it for the stride of pride
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People's most shallow turnoffs and dealbreakers | thumbnail text - Senepicmar 2 days ago If she has the same laugh as Janice from Friends

People Reveal Their Most Shallow Turnoffs And Ridiculous Dealbreakers

Poor music taste - yikes!
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Funny tweets about vibrators | thumbnail text -  dan ... @dadopotamus my 3 year old walked into our living room with company over and started belting out her favorite song using my wife's vibrator as her microphone. this is the single greatest moment of my life. 11:31 PM · May 22, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Vibrator Tweets Which Made Us Vibrate With Laughter

We stan the vibrator revolution
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Woman's Secret Affair With Manager Goes Too Far At Holiday Party| thumbnail text - Our company's holiday party was coming up and I was actually going to receive the president's award for having the highest sales numbers.

Woman's Secret Affair With Manager Goes Too Far At Holiday Party

Some affairs are better in theory
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How women let men know they're horny | thumbnail text - PhreedomPhighter · 1h a I do a loud mating call. That way if my man doesn't want to then someone nearby will hear it and come running.

Here's How Women Let Men Know They're DTF

U up?
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walk of shame tweets | thumbnail text - Kellalena @topaz_kell It's not a walk of shame if you do the YMCA to your car. 12:23 AM · Dec 8, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

It's Not A Walk Of Shame If We Follow These 15 Twitter Tips

More like a walk of fame
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When My Drunk Date Peed All Over My Clothes After We Hooked Up| thumbnail text - woman, it was everywhere

When My Drunk Date Peed All Over My Clothes After We Hooked Up

Clearly the last date
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dick appointment tweets | thumbnail text -  bellyb @corpsefucker421 ... gonna make an app where u can rate dude's dick down game like yelp. rate the dick appointment out of 5 stars, let others know if it was worth your time or not 2:55 PM · Jul 19, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Women Tweet About The Triumphs And Defeats Of Hookup Appointments

Hookups aren't always a good time
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When I Found Out My Date Was Actually Married' | thumbnail text - Several days later my mom mentioned at the dinner table that the entire neighborhood was sent an email saying the cameras caught two people in an 'indecent act' at the community pool at 3 AM and how it is unacceptable.

Woman Nearly Caught On Camera Doing The Dirty In A Community Pool

Pics or it didn't happen
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Funny tweets about club promoters | thumbnail text - jordan ... @spicyfusilli some kid at sleepaway camp once sucker punched me and I had to get 4 stitches in my lip when was 10. he is now a Miami club promoter and it all makes so much sense. 6:52 PM · Apr 3, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Explain Why Club Promoters Are The Bane Of Their Existence

Club promoters need to lose this number
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Some Real Deal Science Behind The Art Of Dealing With A F*** Boy| thumbnail text - 1.The amygdala, the part of your brain that controls fear responses, shows less activity when you're in love. The frontal cortex of your brain is responsible for judgment and predicting future outcomes. When you're falling for someone, that cortex goes dark (figuratively).

Some Real Deal Science Behind The Art Of Dealing With A F*** Boy

Get out your pencils and pens
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dating app tweets | thumbnail text -Heartless Gay @HeartlessGayyy Creators dating apps am going create an environment is so toxic, 1:43 PM Nov 2, 2021 Twitter iPhone

15 Toxic Dating App Tweets Of The Week

Online dating isn't for everone
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ways people got laid | thumbnail text - Human body - MONKEH1142 · 7h Spent the evening jokingly pretending to be Irish and married with an also completely non Irish lady in the smokers corner. Many jokes were had. She put her arms around my shoulders and said "take me home paddy and show me that you love me". So I did.

Ridiculous Ways People Managed To Get Laid

The bar is low
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