dating app tweets | thumbnail text -Heartless Gay @HeartlessGayyy Creators dating apps am going create an environment is so toxic, 1:43 PM Nov 2, 2021 Twitter iPhone

15 Toxic Dating App Tweets Of The Week

Online dating isn't for everone
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ways people got laid | thumbnail text - Human body - MONKEH1142 · 7h Spent the evening jokingly pretending to be Irish and married with an also completely non Irish lady in the smokers corner. Many jokes were had. She put her arms around my shoulders and said "take me home paddy and show me that you love me". So I did.

Ridiculous Ways People Managed To Get Laid

The bar is low
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Best Halloween Walk Of Shame Stories| thumbnail text - I was dressed as a gorilla with not much underneath because it was really hot in there. I got hammered and went home with a girl. I woke up with dried vomit crusted into the fur of my gorilla costume. Since my ride went home with someone else I had to take a city bus a puke encrusted gorilla.

Best Halloween Walk Of Shame Stories

Best and worst
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Man Does Ultimate Halloween Walk of Shame Through NYC| thumbnail text - My gleaming white man thigh was glitenting in the sun for all of the early-morning commuters to see

Man Does Ultimate Halloween Walk of Shame Through NYC

It happens to the best of us
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Advice from our resident f*ckboy | thumbnail text - They will flake on dinner to drink with the boys, just as easily as they will stop responding to your text messages with a shred of urgency once they have already sealed the deal (i.e. just to reiterate, again, I am talking about SEX. Good ol' finger banging, butt licking, steamy, sweaty sex).

Ten Major F*ckboy Red Flags

Beware of the f*ckboy
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Men And Women Open Up About Uncomfortable Sex Encounters| Thumbnail Text - Property - Lostarchitorture · 23h Sudden back spasm. Not good. Had to stop. Made me feel really old. 14.1k Reply Share Report Save

Men And Women Open Up About Uncomfortable Sex Encounters

Real people. Real bad hookups.
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Man Goes Psycho On Uber Driver During A Date| thumbnail text - Chris actually had the nerve to text me the next day and I told him I don't believe assault is condoned in the Bible.

Man Goes Psycho On Uber Driver During A Date

Red flags are flying everywhere
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Men Spill The Tea On Minimum Requirements They Need To Have Sex| Thumbnail text - Person - YAV Hey now are talking about sex, bat shit crazy women can throw down beverly Hills

Men Spill The Tea On Minimum Requirements They Need To Have Sex

Real Men Dish On Hook-Up Standards
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women tell their wildest summer vacation hookup stories | thumbnail text - Livin' libido loca! "My parents ended up calling the police and discovering that I was NOT missing, I had just been arrested for indecent exposure"

Women Tell Their Wildest Summer Vacation Hookup Stories

Awkward dating stories bringing all the cringe
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Funny tweets about hookup culture | thumbnail text - puta @crybabyriyuh me coming in a hookup vs leaving it CLOWN THEY THE RA NY SAVING GRACE HE MARIAH CAREY 11:43 AM - Apr 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Hookup Culture Enthusiasts Reveal Their Funniest Anecdotes and Philosophies

U up?
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Fifteen kinds of non-relationships that we all know and love, and hate| text - Cartoon,Facial expression,Sharing,Gesture,Happy,Fictional character,Animated cartoon,Art,Illustration,Fun

Fifteen Types Of Made Up Relationships People Use To Avoid Labels

Why are we afraid of saying we're dating?
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Why Do The Worst Guys Give Us The Best Sex?| thumbnail text - Cgood sex? Good sex? Obviously

Why Do The Worst Guys Give Us The Best Sex?

Time to answer the important question
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reasons why shrek 2 is the best hookup movie | thumbnail text - see Shrek 2 LUS

Here's Why Shrek 2 Is The Ultimate Hookup Movie

Making ogres hot since 2001
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twitter thread of people's funniest hookups | thumbnail text -meth from a dove 1979 @twikipedium Replying to @Coll3enG hooked up w/a vet. when we got to her room, she took a broom and ran it under her bed. 5 cats emerged from under like bats out of hell. fast fwd to me being on top. felt something scratch my bare as. over and over. looked back and there was a cat licking my left buttock. 8:39 PM · Apr 23, 2019 · Twitter Web Client

People Reveal Their Funniest Hookup Stories On A Twitter Thread

Hookups gone rogue
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Twitter users share the wildest messages they have received on dating apps | thumbnail text - did you wear that suit to a funeral? i like funerals nope, actually, it was for a business presentation. why do you like funerals Sent they turn me on just like you in that suit

People Reveal The Wildest Messages They Ever Received On Dating Apps

Digital love is in the air
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Funny tweets about hookup appointments | thumbnail text - (supercilious archer) @timespulse I've got a dick appointment tonight actually so if it happens that this guy likes to decapitate people and collect their severed heads and I don't come back: I died doing what I loved. 5:09 PM · May 9, 2021 · Twitter Web App

Funniest Hookup 'Appointment' Tweets For People Who Overplan Their Sexual Encounters

Can't stop won't stop overplanning everything
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