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reddit post | thumbnail text - How honest are you with your partner? The only secrets I keep are birthday presents

Men Share How Honest They Are With Their Partners

Lying is so not a slay
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for not wanting my husband's other child in my house? My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant and had a baby with another woman. I found out after the other child was born. I have never been okay with this. It's exactly the kind of trash I tried so hard to have NOT be part of my life. If it was possible, I would have divorced him

Wife's Doesn't Want Her Husband's Other Child In Her Home And Causes Rift In Family

Petition to end cheating
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for filing a report against my late husband's colleague and getting him fired? 2 My husband (33) passed away 3 weeks ago. He used to work for this company for 4 years. He'd known lots of people and made some many friends.

Guy Makes Unsolicited Advances Towards A Widow, Fuming When She Gets Him Fired

Fire him!
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reddit post | thumbnail text -

Men Share The Secrets To Their Marriages

get out your pen and paper because you'll want to write this down
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reddit post | thumbnail text - Guys: When do you realise that you've fallen for a woman? Average_40s_Guy - 9 hr. ago Last time it happened, I couldn't stop thinking about her and my appetite was non- existent. I couldn't get over it, so I married her.

Guys Reveal How They Know When They've Fallen For A Girl

Where did all these butterflies come from?
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reddit post | thumbnail text - If you could say something/anything to an ex, what would you say? Pure_Examination516 1 day ago crickets chirping loudly

People Reveal What They Would Say To Their Exes If They Could

I might opt for a classy "F you"
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for interrupting my husband's "Live stream" and going off on him after he "forgot" to feed and change our daughter's diaper? 2 My f32 husband m35 I has a YouTube channel with over 14k followers. He's been doing live streaming a lot lately even though I told him that we have responsibilities to take care of. Before our daughter (she's 7 months old)

Husband Throws Tantrum When His Wife Catches Him Neglecting His Daughter By Live Streaming

goo goo baby
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for pressing charges against my girlfriend's friend for stealing my doll? . I (26M) have been with my still girlfriend (26F) for almost 4 years. Last year I gave her a key to my house. She spends a few days there, but we don't live together full time.

Guy Calls Police On His Girlfriend's Friend For Stealing, Girlfriend Defends Her Friend

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for telling my husband he should be ashamed of himself and taking the girls and going home after he made them wait outside of the restaurant? I'm a mother of twins (19f). Their dad and I split up 6 years ago and I'm now (fixed it it was not but I meant now)married to my husband "Kevin" Problem is...K

Woman's New Husband Who Constantly Criticizes Her Daughter's Appearance Fuming After Being Told Off

This one is the opposite of a slay.
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aita post | thumbnail text - WIBTA if don't have separate table at my wedding 1 bridesmaid? So getting married 3 months have 3 bridesmaids and 1 MOH talking about seating arrangements with one my bridesmaids and mentioned there is only enough space bridal party at main table and had table near front all their partners. She told she wasn't comfortable with this if they couldn't sit at main table together she would accept sweetheart table (2 person table them told her

Bridesmaid Demands Separate Table At Wedding, Leaves Bride Fuming

Wedding season means wedding drama!
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reddit post | thumbnail text - what kind of woman scare you away?  Women who are critical of you, constantly. It's not fun to criticism daily. We're imperfect creatures and need love more than criticism.

Men Reveal The Types Of Women That Scare Them Off

Scaring off men slayyyyyy
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nice girls post | thumbnail text - Hello! Name's sleepover last night. i was at Oh hi Good! Even tho i dont know you properly, i think you're really hot Hi? Who's this? Whats up? I was wondering if you wanna go out eat something? Maybe McDonalds? Im free for the weekend

Girl Asks Guy Out, Denies Asking Him Out In The First Place After He Rejects Her

Some people just can't handle rejection
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aita post | thumbnail text -  AITA being upset my girlfriend didn't share her inheritance 34M) have been together with my girlfriend, Terra (32F 10 years moved together 6 years ago, Terra is against marriage so never married rent an apartment and pay 75 rent since make about 25% more than Terra at my job also have shared account buying stuff and our own accounts fun money at

Guy Fuming Over His Girlfriend Not Sharing Her Inheritance

Cue the dramatic music
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for allowing my husband to show off a photo My husband is a bit of a Marilyn Monroe fan. I am also into her story but not like he is (we joke that she would definitely be at the top of his "free pass" list if she were alive and our age etc.). All good fun. So, for his birthday I had a photographer friend help

Husband Shows His Male Friends A Nude Pic Of His Wife, Friend's Wife Blows Up

Sometimes our private lives are private for a reason
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aita post | thumbnail text -  AITA for stopping treating my GF after she stopped paying utilities cause kids use it? 2 My GF, Ally and I have dated almost 4yrs. We are both 25. She moved in to my place about 8 months ago.

Girl Blows Up At Her Boyfriend For Not Treating Her To Hair & Nail Appointments

Here's a little relationship drama to brighten your day!
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for adding a "but" to my apology to my girlfriend's son? Asshole My (30m) girlfriend (26f) of over two years has a 5-year-old son who I'll call "Luke". He's a really good kid who I like a lot,

Man Yells At Girlfriend's Son And Refuses To Give Real Apology

1 ticket to breakup town, please
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