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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for leaving before my sister's wedding ceremony started and leaving someone else in charge of my responsability? My (F)bsister got married on Friday. She and I are twins, so we are very close and best friends. She is child-free and I have 2 kids (3M and 1 M).

Girl Curses Out Her Sister For Missing Her Wedding To Be With Her Hospitalized Son

Bridezilla on the loose!!!!!
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reddit post | thumbnail text - We met through an app, his profile said he was 6'1", and I'm 5′ 7″. If a guy is 5'8" I truly don't care about height beyond that, and he was clearly my exact same height. Regardless, we had an awesome date and had he approached me in a bar I absolutely would have said yes. It's the lying though, I understand the frustration guys feel with the height thing, but I just feel like he already

People Discuss If Someone Lying About Their Height Is A Red Flag

He's a 10 but he lies about his height...
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reddit post | thumbnail text - What is a cooking related red flag in a relationship? My ex thought that "browning" ground meat meant leaving it in the fridge til it turned brown.

People Share The Biggest Cooking-Related Red Flags They've Seen In Their Partners

Yes, chef!
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for calling the Police on my husband after I found that he was hiding my son's motorcycle? 02.0 W S I got my son a 7k motorcycle for his 18th birthday this past june. My son is obssessed with automobile and loves motorcycles.

Woman Calls Cops On Her Husband For Stealing Their Son's Motorcycle

He thought he was slaying
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for not letting my cousing get married in the family summer house for free? Okay so I am looking for outside opinions here, I can preface with the idea that I don't think I am an asshole here. My partner however thinks it's a difficult situation and thought this would be a good idea, since she lurks here all the time and a lot of the responses are good. Also not native English speaker.

Woman Refuses To Let Cousin Get Married At Family House, Entire Family Blows Up At Her

What's the word for an entire family of bridezillas?
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for telling my wife that she does nothing? I (33M) am married to Molly (36F). We have a son Theo (5M). Molly and I got married 7 years ago, but both decided to focus on our careers before we jumped into anything ultra responsible like children. I'm a Journalist, and she was a Midwife

Guy Blows Up On His Stay-At-Home Wife And Says She "Does Nothing"

The audacity is real
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for telling my stepsister she can't wear my mom's wedding dress I(16f) grew up without a father for a long time it was just me and my mom. Last year my mom got married to my step dad brad. Brad has 2 kids Tessa(f26) and Jake(m18)

Girl's Step Sister & Step Father Call Her Spoiled Over Not Sharing Family Heirloom

sharing = caring
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reddit post | thumbnail text - Have been casually meeting a girl but her bad breath is really off putting Please tell her. I have to wonder if previous prospects also failed due to her breath.

Guy Asks For Dating Advice For Girl With Terrible Breath

anybody want some gum?
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reddit post | thumbnail text - What's the romantic movie nobody would suspect you like a lot?  Notebook had me crying still after the credits ended lol

Men Share Their All-Time Favorite Rom Coms

I'll have what she's having
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for refusing to wipe off my makeup at my friends wedding? A For context, I (19f) was invited to my friend (23f)s wedding and was asked to be a bridesmaid. We paid for our own dresses, robes, shoes, etc. Before the wedding I had told her that I was going to have someone else do my makeup instead of the people that she has planned because I was scared that the person she hired was inexperienced with darker skin and curly hair texture (I was the only black

Bridezilla Demands That Bridesmaid Take Off Makeup So She Doesn't "Outshine" Her

The bride has unleashed her inner wedding beast
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA for going to a different hotel during my vacation with my husband? It our first real vacation since 2020 and my first with just my husband and in over 10 years. 4 Our daughter Annie (17) was left home alone. For some reason recently Annie can do no right in hubby's eyes. Dress, music, chores. He has deemed her irresponsible.

Wife Switches Hotel From Husband On Vacation After He Yelled At Their Daughter

I'm no parenting expert, but this guy kind of seems like a bad one.
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reddit aita | thumbnail text - AITA asking my wife to help pay for private school despite separate finances S I have been married to Stella for 7 years now. Together we have 5 children, daughters from my previous relationship (Kira 11 and May 7), a son and daughter from Stella (Brianna 13 and Jayden 8), and a son together (Lucas 2). My two are 50/50 custody, while my stepchildren

Husband Blows Up At Breadwinning Wife For Not Paying For His Children's Private School Tuition

Justice for the wife!!
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reddit post | thumbnail text -

Women Reveal The Most Embarrassing Things Their Exes Would Do

Prepare to cringe... a lot
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reddit post | thumbnail text - men, what's your opinion on friends dating your exes? there's a million girls in the world and the only one you could find is my ex? smh I'd think he was plotting from before tbh

Men Reveal Their Opinions On Their Friends Dating Their Exes

not chill, bro
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reddit post | thumbnail text - Men of Reddit, what is the biggest turn-off a girl can do? Being rude to wait staff or retail workers. Tells me (almost) everything I need to know. I personally can't stand filters. I've had enough of the Disney eyes and the puppy ears.

Guys Reveal Their Biggest Turn-Offs

Start writing these down!
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for cancelling my daughter's date FYI: I am a single dad and have been for 11 years. Her mom essentially just ran out on us My daughter Victoria is 14 and she's a great kid, makes me a proud dad, but, as the teen years as arrived, we've certainly had our fair share of disagreements over grades and clothes mainly. Unfortunately, she's interested in boys now, and they're interested in here, God, if you're listening, send help

Dad Cancels His Daughter's Date, Leaves Daughter Crying

An unfortunate first date
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