Ruth F. is an academic and a millennial in every sense of the word. When she isn't toppling industries, she can be found drinking coffee, skating, or giving relationship advice to anyone who even hints at needing it.

ruthf creepy tinder cheating challenge dating apps dating - 14830341

I Matched With Tinder Creeps With No Photo, And I'm Officially Both Scared And Appalled

No-photo profiles are exactly as gross as you think
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national emoji day rankings | thumbnail text -

We Ranked Emojis From Raunchiest to Most Virtuous In Honor Of National Emoji Day

The emojis get some virtue points
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ruthf recipes challenge coffee social media trending food tiktok - 14738949

We Tried Out Popular Tik Tok Food Trends, And It Was A Delicious Hot Mess

Making recipes that are trending on TikTok
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Mean Girls characters tinder bio | thumbnail text - I'm just a Belle looking for his Beast to sweep me away from the train wreck that is high school.

Golden Tinder Bios For Your Favorite 'Mean Girls' Characters

Imagine if Queen Bee Regina was on all the apps
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minor 'inconveniences' which could be avoided if an asteroid hit the earth

Minor 'Inconveniences' Which Could Be Avoided If An Asteroid Hit Earth

The sh*t we wouldn't have to deal with
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Bad Decisions to Make on St. Patrick’s Day From Home| thumbnail text - OVERSHARE WITH STRANGERS GET BLACKOUT DRUNK ΤΕΧΤ YOUR ΕΧ

Bad Decisions To Make On St. Patrick’s Day From Home

Don't kiss me I'm not Irish
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male 'feminist' explains why women should be grateful for him | thumbnail text - "As a female, you are naturally wired to be better at cleaning and housework than me. That’s not regressive to say,  it’s just biology. That’s why I always let girls clean up after me, I know that I just won’t  do as good a job. But you’re  in luck because I’m happy  to lecture you from the  couch while you tidy up!"

"I’m a Male Feminist and Here's Why You Should be Grateful"

Self-Proclaimed 'Male Feminist' Explains Why Women Should Be Grateful For Him
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The Sexiest Sex Scenes in Horror Films Before The Characters Get Killed | thumbnail text - One of the most iconic sex scenes in horror is from this movie because the guy says those seven special words that every woman dreams of hearing from her man: "you got the perfect nipple placement, baby." It's a good thing that perfectly- nippled gal gained the masculine approval we all crave so that she can die happy when she gets slashed by Jason later in the film.

The Sexiest Sex Scenes in Horror Films Before The Characters Get Killed

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the conspiracy of princess Diana and wonder woman | thumbnail text - BOTH Diana Prince and Princess Diana are the same gender! Sure, lots of people in the world are women. This could be circumstantial. But  doesn’t it seem just a little too convenient?

Conspiracy Theory: Wonder Woman and Princess Diana Might Just Be The Same Person

Surely they aren't the... same person
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What That Couple Across the Hall is Probably Doing for Valentine’s Day | thumbnail text -  Taking a cooking class I don’t see how putting some mush in an oven is fulfilling, but whatever floats their boat. Maybe they’ll even meet some other couples there to hang out with and they’ll finally stop trying to set me up with bland men who take showers and listen to podcasts.

What That Couple Across the Hall is Probably Doing for Valentine’s Day

Romance isn't dead yet...
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'Romantic' Notes To Leave On The Doorstep Of The Guy You're Stalking | thumbnail text - BE MY VALENTIN e e kn IFe E MOJI Simple and classic. The knife emoji is for cutting your wedding cake! You know Matt has a silly sense of humor like that from reading his texts, he’ll definitely get it.

'Romantic' Notes To Leave On The Doorstep Of The Guy You're Stalking

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take this quiz and see how well you can spot a mansplainer | thumbnail Seriously ladies, you should try keep your tampons in a sterile environment. Leaving your tampons out and using them later will make your vagina smell.

Test Your Powers Of Mansplaining Detection With This 'Mansplainer Or Woman?' Quiz

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Rewriting men's creepy opening lines on Tinder | thumbnail Text - Yesterday 5:12 PM possibly Sent Yesterday 5:39 PM What's your sexual fantasy? I might make it come true Yesterday 8:43 PM Anna! e.forget what I asked there" did u end up being a teacher? I got pizza 11:20 Broooooo Lucky What kind Pepperoni Can i eat you out

Giving Men's Gross Opening Lines On Tinder A Makeover

Men Of Tinder, Here's How To Not Be A Creep
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