Ruth F. is an academic and a millennial in every sense of the word. When she isn't toppling industries, she can be found drinking coffee, skating, or giving relationship advice to anyone who even hints at needing it.

christmas adulting ruthf christmas presents adulthood santa santa claus letter to santa - 15664901

If Adults Wrote Letters to Santa Claus

dear santa, please fix me
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costume halloween costumes halloween ruthf sexy men sexy halloween costume - 15572741

Petition From the Men of the World: We Want Sexy Costumes Too

this is what equality looks like
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halloween decorations karen memes karen suburbs ruthf - 15555077

Catty Suburban Lady Explains How to Decorate Your House For Halloween

call the police
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scary toys halloween ruthf creepy dolls haunted - 15516421

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Child Anywhere Near Dolls

They're haunted
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halloween costumes neighbors halloween ruthf Witches october fall - 15498245

How That Couple Across the Hall Celebrates Halloween

Strange rituals
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If Disney Princesses Were On America's Next Top Model | thumbnail now Whit She's the fairest in the land, and certainly in the room, so as part of her makeover Tyra orders a spray tan. It looks terrible and gets her cut in the first episode. Well, that and her complete lack of personality. And the fact that she has 7 short guys following her around set all the time. She's not exactly a fan favorite.

How ANTM Would Crush The Delicate Souls Of Disney Princesses

Tyra Banks unleashing her wrath onto these iconic animated ladies
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men halloween full moon ruthf Witches witch pumpkin spice october - 15442437

Help Us Choose a Sh*tty Man To Sacrifice To The Dark One This Year At The Witching Hour

Let's meet our contestants!
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coffee trends tiktok trends coffee tiktok ruthf gross food food - 15330053

We Tried the Weirdest Coffee Trends From the Last Five Years

please don't ingest the zombie fungus
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autumn art of trolling men halloween ruthf trick or treat fall - 15272709

How To Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of Men Using Only A PSL And A Knife

The first day of autumn
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ruthf romance wives wife Pirate pirates love - 15256581

Five Reasons Ye Best Be Appreciatin' Yer Wife Today

Happy National Talk Like A Pirate Day AND Wife Appreciation Day!
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fashion,new york,new york fashion week,nyfw,photos,trending

NY Fashion Week, Explained By Someone Who Knows Nothing About Fashion

I explain photos from an event I've never heard of
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coffee meets bagel men ruthf tinder creeps dating apps online dating dating profile - 15099397

I Became The No-Photo Creep On a Dating App, And Was Pleasantly Surprised With Men's Reactions

Time to flip the script on The Men
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makeup clowns men clown jokes ruthf cars - 14932229

Things Men and Clowns Eerily Have In Common

It's national clown week
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panties victorias secret bras ruthf lingerie sexy times sexy underwear - 14909957

We Found The Most Ridiculous Lingerie In Honor Of Intimate Apparel Week

Butt cleavage. Need I say more?
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romantic comedy romance movies therapy ruthf relationships couples - 14881285

Failed Rom-Com Relationships Who Should Have Just Gone to Couples' Therapy

The couples that should have just stayed together
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The Non-Tropey Jobs Rom-Com Ladies Should Have Actually Had | thumbnail image of kristen wiig text - kristen wiig - Bridesmaids I don't buy any version of Kristen Wiig as a baker. Her character in Bridesmaids is more like,  I dunno, a grocery store clerk?  She would totally make snide comments under her breath as she rang people up. If she HAS to  have a creative side then let  her do the window displays!  Everyone's happy!

The Non-Tropey Jobs Rom-Com Ladies Should Have Actually Had

Here's what would have made more sense for these women
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