Ruth F. is an academic and a millennial in every sense of the word. When she isn't toppling industries, she can be found drinking coffee, skating, or giving relationship advice to anyone who even hints at needing it.

men ruthf deception valentine hookup clingy Valentines day - 16468485

How To Get Your Valentine's Hookup To Leave Your House

Trick him into going away
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romantic comedy single date single ladies ruthf movies valentine Valentines day - 16445445

7 Rom Coms To Watch Today That Will Make You Glad You're Single

Valentine's movies that are bad
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awkward moments in life that are painfully relatable | thumbnail text - Falling in front of your crush The only thing more uncomfortable than falling down a storm drain is falling down a storm front of the guy you like! So awkward when he has to call the police to get you out and it's a whole to-do.

Awkward Moments In Life Which Are Painfully Relatable

Those everyday embarrassments
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new years resolutions new years dentist ruthf tinder february netflix - 16365829

7 Better Things To Do Than Your New Year's Resolutions

Why even bother?
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beer wrapping packaging presents boxes ruthf beer can shell - 16295173

Packaging That's More Valuable Than What's In It

national beer can day!
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we ranked Hard-Hitting News Sources By Hotness Of The Chief Editor | thumbnail text - Marty here looks just like my parents' friends from temple, which I assume means the Washington Post is a well-meaning if slightly misguided publication with a passion for bagels and friendly disagreement.

Hard-Hitting News Sources Ranked By Hotness Of The Chief Editor

Getting news from only the sexiest sources
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we rated the outfits from women in top wholesome Christmas movies and here's what we found | thumbnail Holiday In The Wild 4/10 Points added for simple and stylish, points deducted because the blouse is a little bit see- through. This is a Christmas movie, not Girls Gone Wild, Kristin!

We Watched Wholesome Christmas Movies, And Decided To Rate The Top Outfits

Women's outfits, rated out of ten
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feminine hygiene products women shouldn't be using

'Feminine Hygiene' Products That Are Literally Wild

Washes, suppositories, and mists, oh my!
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time new years resolutions new years ruthf new year time lapse self love - 16076805

How to Cope With the Year Ending Even Though You're Still Like Two Years Behind on Your Resolutions

All the suggestions SHOULD be "go to therapy" but none of them are
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christmas lawn christmas decorations ruthf decorations christmas lights santa santa claus - 16048389

Christmas Decorations That Haunt Our Nightmares

Christmas was just a couple days ago, and now that we don’t have to pretend to be nice to people anymore, this is a great time to look back and be, well, critical . Specifically, of the weird sh*t some people think passes for decorations these days. And look, we’ve all had a wonky tree or something, and that’s fine. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the sh*t that looks like it slithered straight out of a horror movie. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: you’re driving a…
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princess christmas christmas special ruthf disney princesses movies prince - 16018693

Christmas Movies That Will Reignite Your Childhood Desire to Marry a Prince

Christmas with a Prince
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things women should charge for that men don't have to deal with | thumbnail text - getting interrupted You know what hurts a man’s feelings? Getting interrupted.  You know what women experience in nearly every single  conversation with a man ever? Getting interrupted. Considering the serious emotional toll it can take, I’d say we have a solid  class-action lawsuit on our hands. Get ready to pay damages,  boys, we’re going to court!

Dumb Things Women Should Charge For Which Men Don’t Have To Deal With

Equality for all...
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men creeper flirting thanksgiving shopping ruthf creepy pickup artist black friday pickup pickup artist pickup artist pickup artist pickup artist - 15780357

A Creep's Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Up Girls on Black Friday

they want a protector
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absurd ruthf tinder philosophy nihilism dating apps online dating existentialism dating - 15732485

Confusing Men On Tinder By Sending Them Absurdist Quotes As Pickup Lines

What was the purpose of this message
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bathroom humor men ignorance ruthf bathroom toilet women - 15726085

Man Finds Out Women Poop, Goes Through All 7 Stages of Grief

shock, denial, bargaining, guilt, depression, acceptance
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princess disney ruthf royalty disney princesses disney characters princesses - 15714309

Disney Princesses Who are Actually Bad*sses

princesses that are bad AF
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