roasting disney villains internet twitter tumblr cartoons | Nix E. Harrow @AlixEHa'row if jafar had simply paid aladdin fairly for his services rather than backstabbing him he could've had it ALL in the first 20 minutes of the movie. pay your freelancers

People Roasting Disney Villains On The Internet

The ones we grew up hating
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Tumblr users roast USA US ruthless burn users | moami as german kid Used wonder why our radio stations like play american national anthem so much until friend explained Country Roads Take Home is not fact guys' national hymn

Tumblr Users Ruthlessly Roasting The USA

Burn baby, burn
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Kevin Porter charity Ellen twitter roast money donations kindness coronavirus COVID-19 funny tweets | Kevin T. Porter @KevinTPorter Right now all need little kindness know, like Ellen Degeneres always talks about! She's also notoriously one meanest people alive Respond this with most insane stories heard about Ellen being mean l'll match every one w 2 LAFoodBank

Kevin Porter Asks Twitter To Roast Ellen Degeneres And Donates Charity In Return

All in the name of kindness
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savage tweets by kids on twitter

28 Kids Who Have Mastered The Art Of Savagery In These Much Too Honest Tweets

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parents got sick burns roasted from their own kids

15 Times Kids Totally Roasted Their Parents

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