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Funny tweets about skincare routines | thumbnail text - Poosh @pooshdotcom ... POOSH If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my 12- step skincare routine. Vitamin C АНА/ВНА SPF AVA Hyaluronic Acid Micellar Retinol

Sparkling Skin Care Routines Are Guaranteed To Revamp Our Lives, According To Twitter

Love us some baby-soft skin
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Funny tweets about mental breakdowns | thumbnail text - @charrbell Having a mental breakdown spots a mirror:

People Celebrate The Majestic Ability To Still Look Hot In The Midst Of A Mental Breakdown

Can't help it that we look good
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Funny tweets about mental breakdowns | thumbnail text - Merve ... @merveebgln mental breakdown my depressioR my brain my anxiety

'Mental Breakdown' Tweets Which Just Might Restore Our Sanity

Because therapy is too expensive
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Relatable tweets about social anxiety | thumbnail text - danielle tcholakian @danielleiat Imagining how my social anxiety verging on paranoia would've dealt with attending a dinner party where the host opened with "one of you will betray me" 5:11 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Relatable Tweets About Crippling Social Anxiety For The Solitude Seekers Of The World

Cancelling plans is my therapy
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funny memes about mental health for anyone who can't afford therapy | thumbnail text - Anxiety and me then: Anxiety and me now: shutte sh Elnur shutterstock shutters  Me Also me My mental health

Funny Mental Health Memes For Anyone Who Can't Afford Therapy

Who needs therapy when you can look at memes instead
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Funny tweets about feelings people have on Sundays | thumbnail text - Estados Unidos America929 Chasing my vitamins with an edible is peak Sunday Scaries behavior 3:51 AM Mar 15, 2021 Twitter Web App

Relatable Tweets About The Sundays 'Feels' We All Experience Weekly

Torn between Sunday Scaries and Sunday Funday
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hitting the quarter life crisis | thumbnail text - Quarter life crisis haircut made me look even more like my mom hhhhhh

The Infamous Quarter Life Crisis Captured Perfectly In Tweets

Everything hurts and I'm dying
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Tweet about therapy | thumbnail text -  My therapist just said "You have access to a particular niche of people that I simply do not know about" when I brought up Twitter.

Funniest Therapy Tweets Of The Week (March 3, 2021)

Therapy tweets are therapeutic
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funny tweets about all the things men would rather do than go to therapy | Adam Nayman @brofromanother 000 Paul Men will literally not let themselves get attached anything they can't walk out thirty seconds flat if they feel heat around corner instead going therapy | corie johnson @corietjohnson 000 men will literally create an online college based network interact socially will one day be adapted into film starring jesse eisenberg instead going therapy

Funny Tweets About All The Things Men Do To Avoid Therapy

Men's mental health matters
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Twitter Thread listing Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep - cover image tweet listing reasons why sleep is bad | aiko @1chigoko consistently sleeping less than 6-7 hrs wrecks immune system doubles risk cancer sleep is key factor determining if will develop Alzheimer's improper sleep even week will disrupt sleep enough could be classified as pre-diabetic 10:22 AM Jun 24, 2020 Twitter iPhone >

Twitter Thread On The Negative Health Effects Caused By Lack Of Sleep

This. Is. Scary. Stuff
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instagram, empowering, self love, artist, recipe, women, feminism, sexuality, beauty, self care, mental health | art illustration NEVER FEEL GUILTY ABOUT FEELINGS |  SOMEONE ELSE'S BEAUTY IS NOT ABSENCE OWN

Female Artist Of The Week: Instagram Account Serving Daily Recipes for Self Love

Reminders of how to care of yourself
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