men vs women

Men vs women - the age old question, competition, and ultimate rivalry. Who is better? Who is superior? The answer is subjective and will never be answered, because everyone is special, unique, and better at something. That doesn't mean you can't laugh at people trying to prove it one way or the other though.

askmen post | thumbnail text - sabrespace 4 hr. ago good hearty laugh like women just let out and not try hide with little quiet teehee. Give raucous belly laugh, maybe even good snort

Men Reveal Things They Simply Love About Women

A very wholesome list
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askmen post | thumbnail text - demonardvark · 1 hr. ago you must take off your bra, swing it like a bola, screech a war cry, rush, tackle the prospective male to the ground, tie the bra around his neck, and screech I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU in the deepest most blood curling snarl you can do. seriously just walk up and say hi. most men are going to be receptive to pretty much anything.

Men Reveal Their Preferred Ways To Be Approached By Women

Just do it
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - BusGo_Screech26 1 day ago think 's funny and sometimes cute. Like "yeah tap into those Neanderthal instincts and pick up heavy thing".

Women Reveal How They Feel About Men Carrying Heavy Things To Impress Them

Keep on impressing us
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - his history with his exes know get upset about

Women Disclose Things They Could Never Bring Themselves To Ask Men

We simply don't have the guts
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all the lies men tell | thumbnail text - you're perfect

Happy 'Tell A Lie' Day: Here's Every Lie Men Have Ever Told Us

Men and all their lies
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Funniest Women's Memes That Blessed Our Memes This Week (March 27, 2022)| thumbnail text - You ever sleep so hard.. that when you wake up... you need another nap... just from sleeping so hard...

Funniest Women's Memes That Blessed Our Feeds This Week (March 27, 2022)

The best kind
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askmen post | thumbnail text - No horse chicks. Nope nope nope.

Men Reveal Mistakes They Made With Women They Will Never Make Again

Relationships are learning experiences
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askmen post | thumbnail text - j_reinegade 23 hr. ago Leaving my cars driver seat position 's literally impossible my get into car before adjusting 6'2 gf is 5'1)

Men Attempt To Pinpoint The Female Equivalent Of Leaving The Toilet Seat Up

Hair everywhere
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Common Insecurities Men Have About Their Bodies Which Women Don't Give AF About| thumbnail text - boopedydoop • 12d Getting sweaty during sex. I had a bf that always felt so bad if any sweat dripped onto me and I was always like ????? I literally don't care keep going 6 Reply 1 1.2k 3 ...

Common Insecurities Men Have About Their Bodies Which Women Don't Even Notice

Body hair is A-OK
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why women absolutely hate the super bowl | thumbnail text - No one notices your super cute football themed outfit. WTF?! You’re a sucker for themed parties. Naturally, you worked really hard on putting your Superbowl ensemble together. But everyone’s too focused on the goddamn TV to be appreciative towards your efforts and genius. Whatevs, they’re obviously low-brow peasants.

Eight Ways Super Bowl Sunday Is Designed To Screw Women Over

Super Bowl sucks the life out of your vivacious body
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things men do which women find atttractive | thumbnail text - r/AskReddit - Posted by u/rainfire47 17 hours ago Women of Reddit, what do men do that is cute to you but they aren't aware of it?

Random Things Men Do Which Women Surprisingly Find Adorable

Why do men have to be so cute?
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Fifteen Tell-Tale Signs That A Man Is Overcompensating For his Insecurities| thumbnail text - jhope71 • 45d · Female If he claims to be an "alpha male" - dude, if you have to tell people (loudly and often) that you're alpha, you are definitely not. G Reply 1 2.0k 3 ...

Fifteen Tell-Tale Signs Which Show A Man Is Overcompensating For his Insecurities

Beware of the 'one-r up-ers'
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Men Expose The Creepiest Things Women Have Done Or Said To Them| thumbnail text - AllWomenAreQueens-_- • 10h My ex got my name tattooed on her foot, three years after we broke up. G Reply 4 727 ... 6 more replies

Men Expose The Creepiest Things Women Have Done Or Said To Them

Creepiness knows no gender
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Twelve Problematic Things In A Guy's Apartment That Set Off Red-Flags| thumbnail text - SuzQP • 2y I once dated a guy who had a six-inch marijuana plant growing from his damply disgusting bathroom carpet. It wasn't so much the weed that put me off, it was that he had shag carpeting in the bathroom. 18.3k •..

Twelve Problematic Things In A Guy's Apartment That Set Off Red-Flags

If you see crispy socks... run
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heartbreak twitter thread | thumbnail text - Julies @julie_ahp Replying lilsmichelle sometimes takes lil longer than year but time truly is healing, there's just so little let yourself dwell more than need 6:13 PM Jan 27, 2022 Twitter Web App

The Secret To Getting Over A Guy Is Remembering We'll Be Getting Over A Different Guy This Time Next Year (Twitter Thread)

As the great Gwen Stefani once sang in her hit song 'Cool' from the early 2000s , 'time always kills the pain.' In our experience, this statement always proves to be true. If time doesn't kill the heartbreak over one man, then we would recommend getting under someone else in order to get over the man in question. However, that route isn't always emotionally healthy, and we would recommend depending on the passing of time as the first choice. If Queen Gwen says so, then it must be true. Twitter…
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Twelve images that might expose your dirty mind| thumbnail text - Richard Cooper @Rich_Cooper · Oct 16, 2020 ... Why do women train for ripped abs? It's because they want to look like men; truthfully it's gross. Lips, tits & hips. Men are simple, we want the classic beauty of a feminine hourglass shape. At no time in history did men ever want women with ripped abs. 354 2I 435 901

Man Thinks Abs On Women Are 'Gross,' Here Are Some Of Twitter's Iconic Responses

Spoiler Alert: Nobody asked for his opinion
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