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Unsaid Rules People Follow With Their SO, No Questions Asked

An essential aspect of any relationship is communication, without which neither yours nor your partner's needs can be met—at least not in a healthy way. Sometimes it's necessary to say how you feel or what you need explicitly, and other times there are things you do for each other that go without saying. When you know someone so well, you don't always need to express things verbally. Redditors are sharing the unsaid rules between them and their SO that they follow without any questions. The replies show just how important it is to have mutual respect, understanding, and excellent communication to maintain a healthy relationship. What are the unspoken rules you have in your relationship?

unsaid rules couples follow in relationship with no questions asked - cover pic | TheDanishThede If the cat is on your lap, you can ask your partner to do or get stuff for you, no questions asked.
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