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Relationship memes are a basic tenant of meme sharing in general. There are relationship memes that single people can enjoy. There are relationship memes that are cutesy if you're into that sort of thing. There are funny relationship memes. There are relationship memes of many kinds as is the case with all things meme. 

Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend | screenshot reads - usd on it. When I pulled her aside to our bedroom and asked her how much she spent on it she was like "don't worry about it honey I love you and want you to be happy" but I wasn't going for it and thought she was trying to show me up in front of all our friends. When she tried to kiss me I pushed her away and said why do you always try to flex your money on me?

Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend

A walking bouquet of red flags
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Article about toxic traits girls have when dating that includes funny memes

14 Amusing Memes About Toxic Traits Girls Have When Dating

Girls that have funny toxic traits
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29 funny and relatable memes about being married | Thumbnail includes a picture of Spongebob being excited to see Squidward and a picture of a married couple playing with cats 'How ya girl waits for you to come home from work when she had the day off our cats had a fight and my parents are trying to make them resolve it lol'

29 Relationship Memes For Happily Married Couples

Those that said 'I do' and never looked back
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14 screenshots from a Reddit post where a wife shares the story of how her husband won't let her eat crunchy food | Thumbnail includes a pink background with orange highlighted text 'usband (39) has misophonia. This mear nds he ab (us! thing n ren nam ny fo He b rson- like he really can't help himself. 'He refuses to compromise. Just expects me to never eat crunchy food ever again''

Psychotic Husband Prohibits His Wife To Eat Crunchy Foods In The House, Uses His Misophonia As An Excuse To Yell At Her Every Time She Dares To Crunch

Divorce babe, divorce
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17 funny memes about long-term relationships | Thumbnail includes a picture of a green monster and Sponge bob and a picture of a hairy monster 'My crazy ass gf Me knowing she just needs food Wife: "The shower won't drain!" My wife's hair waiting to make me gag as I pull all twenty-five pounds of it out of the drain...'

17 Very Accurate & Relatable Long-Term Relationship Memes

When you uncoditionally love each other but also tease each other like there's no tomorrow >>>
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A Dose of Memes for the Crazy Chicks In The Crowd | Thumbnail shows cartoon and girl crying

A Dose of Memes for the Crazy Chicks In The Crowd

Because normal is boring, right?
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12 screenshots from a Reddit post where a man talks about how his breastfeeding wife is mad at him because he won't stop drinking out of solidarity with him 'a hard time about drinking on occasion lately pregnant because a few of her friend's buchands st ere pre throu thing?). standinc to drin t during ever an me time drink on the weekenas, ana now she says only on s nonth old). Am i missing something here? 'I know I got you pregnant, but why should I give up drinking too?''

'If I had a sickness and couldn't walk, I wouldn't restrict you from walking!': New Father Refuses To Give Up Alcohol In Solidarity With His Breastfeeding Wife, Compares Temporary Sobriety To Illnesses

Arrogant is an understatement
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16 wholesome husband memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of Jerry hogging the entire blanket while Tom pouts and a picture of baby Yoda holding a cup of tea 'Sleeping with bae be like Me checking out my wife's butt when she walks by.'

16 Wholesome Hubby Memes For Wifeys That Married The Best Husbands Ever

The lucky ones
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19 funny memes about sensitive people | Thumbnail includes a picture of Shrek crying and an African American girl looking back from the front seat of a car 'Are you crying? Me: No Look at me Me: Me checking if everyone else is vibing with the song I put on'

19 Memes For Sensitive Girlfriends That Take Everything To Heart & Can Sense A Change In Vibe From Change Of Intonation

The vibes ~feel~ off
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22 memes about stalking your ex | Thumbnail includes a picture of Joe from 'You' with long nails and hoop earings and a picture of two girls having a conversation 'friend: i can't find his insta me: Wait me: idgaf also me: *me telling my bestfriend what happened for the 100th time*'

21 Best Relatable Memes For People Who Hurt Their Own Feelings By Stalking Their Exes

This is your sign to snap out of it
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11 screenshots from a Reddit post where a husband tells the story of how he refused to drive his special needs wife to their son's wedding because he wasn't invited himself | Thumbail includes a picture of a wedding party with turquoise table sheets and twinkly lights and a screenshot of a Reddit comment 'But however, I refused to drive my wife to the wedding. She's disabled and cannot drive and we live 3 hrs away. I said that since I'm not invited to the wedding, nor am I taking part in it the'

'I'm not your chauffeur': Childish Husband Refuses To Help His Special Needs Wife Get To A Wedding Ceremony Because He Wasn't Invited Himself

Our hearts broke a little
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18 wholesome memes for couples who balance each other out and maintain peace | Thumbnail includes a picture of a dog laying on a pillow and a picture of a Pikatchu character wrapped in a pink blanket 'When your girl wakes up before you and is about to disturb your peace. me in my bfs clothes like'

15 Wholesome Relationship Memes For Couples Who Are Each Other's Peace

For the couples whose match was made in heaven
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13 screenshots from a Reddit thread where men talk about what compliments they like to hear from women | Thumbnail includes a pink background with a few screenshots of Reddit comments 'what's a compliment i can give a man besides calling him handsome? "I feel safe around you" Just a shy guy Yeah, that would hit me right in the feels We love it when you recognize when we're being sweet and thoughtful. Most times we have the best of intentions so please don't say "awe you're trying to be sweet"'

Men Abandon Their Macho Personas And Get Real On Reddit About What Compliments They Like To Hear From Their Women

Men need to hear compliments too!
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14 witty wifey memes | Thumbnail includes a picture of a sign in a paint store and a picture of a skeleton sitting in a car 'Sign in the paint store... Husbands MUST I have a note from their wives before selecting colors $ PLEASE PLUG PSL HERE When your wife says she's only picking up one thing, so you can wait in the car...'

Wittiest Wifey Memes Of The Week (January 27, 2023)

The wittier - the better
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13 screenshots from a Reddit thread where women shared their favorite moments from their engagement | Thumbnail includes a picture of the coast of Italy with a screenshot of a comment from Reddit ' he knows me VERY well and that was a giant green flag for me.'

Married Women Tell Heartwarming Engagement Stories As A Lesson To Never Settle For Less

Self-worth is on the rise
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14 spicy love memes for passionate couples | Thumbnail includes two characters from rugrats and an evil character from Spongebob 'When she says she doesn't know why she puts up with your sit so you remind her when you see him bending over to grab something'

Saucy Love Memes For Passionate Couples That Like To Keep Things Spicy

Only way to keep the spark alive
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