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funny memes about needing a vacation but being too poor | thumbnail text - I'm getting tired waking up and not being at the beach "How much do you need a vacation? Me: BRITISH AIRWAYS

Relatable Memes For Those Desperate For A Vacation But Can't Afford One

It's been a year
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funny memes of wives roasting their husbands | thumbnail text - Chelsea Davison @chelsea_davison Husbands are pure chaos. I don't wish them on anyone. Extra Large GRADE A MAR 5 A 035P-1789 When I ask for help and my husband says he has to poop. YOU SIT ON A THRONE OF LIES

Savage Memes About Wives Roasting Their Husbands Into Oblivion

Boom, roasted.
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heartbreakingly relatable dating memes | thumbnail text - When your Tinder standards are already pretty low, but you still don't get any matches. I can go lower, K.W. TM @Beard_KW Ladies 's last time guy opened car door fishscale lyssa @_damnhoe got arrested

Heartbreakingly Relatable Dating Memes About The 'Joys' Of Being Single

Reminding you of your singlehood
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relatable memes for introverts who hate everyone but themselves | thumbnail text - I socialized this weekend.. Me for the next 3 months: Introverts when they have to fulfill plans that they made a week ago when they were in a good mood This is a Fucking Nightmare

Introvert Memes For Those Who Hate Everyone But Themselves

Memes for when things get a little too sociable
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memes about having boobs for all the big busted ladies out there | thumbnail text - Marissa Louise @marissadraws I just found out that they always put bras on dead women???? IF ONE OF YOU MFERS PUTS A BRA ON MY CORPSE I'M HAUNTING YOU FOR EVER WITH THESE FREE ASS TITTIES! I will not go to my grave like that! > me in 7th grade wearing the same black sweater everyday even in 90 degree weather bc i was too self conscious to be seen in just a shirt

Boobyliscious Memes For The Big-Busted Ladies

All the Double D's put your hands up
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The Real Science Behind Cuffing Season| Thumbnail text - woman, let's define the relationship

The Real Science Behind Cuffing Season

Time for some learning
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relatable memes about being a hot mess | thumbnail text - When your cheat day accidentally turns into a 6 month long carb-a- palooza Marc O @MarcSnetiker Going into a spiral anyone want anything >

Relatable Memes About Being A Hot Mess For Those Who Don't Know What Day It Is

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relatable parenting memes for the parents who have had it up to here | thumbnail text - Me: be careful on that my kids: JACK ASS Hi i'm Johnny Knoxville welcome to jackass Literally Anything: *exists* 3 Year Old: Give it to me.

Memes For Exhausted Parents Who Have Had It Up To Here

Have a kids they said. It will be fun, they said
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workout memes for anyone who hates the gym | thumbnail text - YESTERDAY WAS LEG DAY How long have I been on the treadmill? *Looks* 0:01:15 [laughing nervously] God, I wish I was dead.

Fitness Memes For Anyone Who Hates Going To The Gym

The only running I do, is running late
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Food Memes That Are Curing Our Hunger Pangs | thumbnail text - World - me: *bites into burger* everything on the opposite end of the burger: IC An Italian American immigrant is held down & forced to watch in horror as pineapple is added to pizza the 1st time

Food Memes That Are Curing Our Hunger Pangs

Nom nom nom
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funny memes for women which men won't understand | thumbnail text -  This is what tampon commercials should really look like Citytv bravo by betches @bravobybetches bravo me watching my friend text the guy whose number she said she deleted Producer: What makes you think that this time is different?

Women's Memes Men Will Never Understand

Memes the ladies will relate to
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funny relatable relationship memes | thumbnail includes two memes | supposed be sexy night but y'all went too hard on endless breadsticks at Olive Garden | Her: whispers want make scream with fingers pokes her eyes super hard badmemeaziz

Painfully Relatable Relationship Memes

These hit home
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funny memes about periods | thumbnail text - Molly @Molly_Kats Follow When u sneeze ur tampon out 9:51 PM - 14 May 2016 6 17 220 V 994 rena | inactive @catharsjis Follow me: can i go to the bathroom? teacher: okay. teacher: why are you taking your bag? me: #GrowingUpAGirl

Period Memes For When The Cramps Hit Hard

That dreaded time of the month
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funny memes about getting older for anyone in denial about getting older | thumbnail text - Me: Does literally nothing Random part of my body: I said we hurting today gabriella + O @velvetghost you know you're getting older when this is more satisfying than a night out SAMANS

Memes About Aging For Anyone Who Is In Denial About Getting Older

It's happening, embrace it
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relatable dating memes | thumbnail text - When you find someone who likes the same weird sh*t you do Sara K. Runnels ... @omgskr Making this under-construction sign my new Tinder bio Sorry about the mess, it'll be so worth it. flysE @fly

Relatable Dating Memes Which Accurately Depict The Weird World Of Love

Fall in love they said. It will be great they said
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A bouquet of wedding memes for anyone with marriage on their mind | thumbnail text - DJ RYE Follow @djrye When you just crushed the Cha Cha slide and the DJ goes right into cotton eye joe. Yeahmahasiswa Follow @yeahmahasiswa Me at my ex's wedding. Trying to recover all the money I spent on her

A Bouquet of Wedding Memes For Anyone With Marriage On Their Mind

All the wedding vibes
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