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Food Memes That Are Curing Our Hunger Pangs | thumbnail text - World - me: *bites into burger* everything on the opposite end of the burger: IC An Italian American immigrant is held down & forced to watch in horror as pineapple is added to pizza the 1st time

Food Memes That Are Curing Our Hunger Pangs

Nom nom nom
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funny memes for women which men won't understand | thumbnail text -  This is what tampon commercials should really look like Citytv bravo by betches @bravobybetches bravo me watching my friend text the guy whose number she said she deleted Producer: What makes you think that this time is different?

Women's Memes Men Will Never Understand

Memes the ladies will relate to
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funny relatable relationship memes | thumbnail includes two memes | supposed be sexy night but y'all went too hard on endless breadsticks at Olive Garden | Her: whispers want make scream with fingers pokes her eyes super hard badmemeaziz

Painfully Relatable Relationship Memes

These hit home
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funny memes about periods | thumbnail text - Molly @Molly_Kats Follow When u sneeze ur tampon out 9:51 PM - 14 May 2016 6 17 220 V 994 rena | inactive @catharsjis Follow me: can i go to the bathroom? teacher: okay. teacher: why are you taking your bag? me: #GrowingUpAGirl

Period Memes For When The Cramps Hit Hard

That dreaded time of the month
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funny memes about getting older for anyone in denial about getting older | thumbnail text - Me: Does literally nothing Random part of my body: I said we hurting today gabriella + O @velvetghost you know you're getting older when this is more satisfying than a night out SAMANS

Memes About Aging For Anyone Who Is In Denial About Getting Older

It's happening, embrace it
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relatable dating memes | thumbnail text - When you find someone who likes the same weird sh*t you do Sara K. Runnels ... @omgskr Making this under-construction sign my new Tinder bio Sorry about the mess, it'll be so worth it. flysE @fly

Relatable Dating Memes Which Accurately Depict The Weird World Of Love

Fall in love they said. It will be great they said
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A bouquet of wedding memes for anyone with marriage on their mind | thumbnail text - DJ RYE Follow @djrye When you just crushed the Cha Cha slide and the DJ goes right into cotton eye joe. Yeahmahasiswa Follow @yeahmahasiswa Me at my ex's wedding. Trying to recover all the money I spent on her

A Bouquet of Wedding Memes For Anyone With Marriage On Their Mind

All the wedding vibes
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memes about being single | thumbnail text - Damn. I been on the market for so long, feel like l'm bout to go on clearance.  "Love is in the air" Me:

Memes About Being Perpetually Single For Anyone Feeling Lonely

Memes to fall in love with
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pregnancy memes you'll relate to if you're expecting | thumbnail text - Models when Me when I'm they're pregnant pregnant airratonalmomthoughts AT YOU WON AL E ST DE IT NGS WHO WE DS *I S OF S, E: B. WHEN PEOPLE ASK WHAT YOUR "BIRTH PLAN" IS UM.NOT DIE?

Relatable Pregnancy Memes For Anyone Struggling Through The 'Beautiful' Experience

Nine months of heartburn, cravings and mood swings
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memes you'll relate to if you hate your job more than life itself | thumbnail text - Companies: Our employees are just fine. Employees: Actual footage of me making friends at work... 1599 Isn't it nice we hate the same things?

Memes For People Whose Boss Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Not everyone loves their job
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Funny and relatable memes about being over 30 | thumbnail text - When you finally get 8 hours of sleep but you slept wrong and now your neck hurts Sara Levine @saralememe 30s are weird because half friends are getting married and half are getting ghosted left and right but none us know health insurance works and think 's beautiful

Accurate Memes For Anyone Over 30, Who Isn't Aging As Well As They'd Hoped

Aging is a cruel, cruel process
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women's memes men won't be able to relate to | thumbnail text - Guys who use the same bar of Girls with their $300 of beauty products soap on their face and balls drgrayfang Girl 911: what's the problem? Girl: omg i can't even today Girl 911: have you tried posting "worst day ever" and then replying to everyone commenting "i don't wanna talk about it"?

Women's Memes Which Men Can't And Won't Comprehend

Ladies, gather round
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broke memes for anyone so broke they're counting the pennies until payday | thumbnail text - looking at the water bill and realizing that crying in the shower is no longer an option wanna be rich enough so i can hold my laptop like this

Broke Memes For Anyone Who Can Relate To An Empty Bank Account

Broke AF, y'all
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women's memes - thumbnail includes two memes | Him: "I bet you got mad dudes talking to you" Actually me: Louis Griffin from Family Guy asleep in bed | he said not act crazy anymore but already parked outside his house at 4 .m. Megan Fox leaning head on hand

Women's Memes For The Ladies To Relate To

Funny women's memes
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Memes Celebrating Introvert Life That Extroverts Will Hate | thumbnail text - random extrovert that liked me for no reason me, an introvert Co-workers: You always seem so quiet and unapproachable at work. Me: That's because l'm here to get paid, not to make friends... *Just saying*

Introvert Memes To Laugh At By Yourself Because Everyone Else Sucks

Introverts are not anti-social
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funny relatable memes which men won't understand | thumbnail text - parents when their son gets a girlfriend parents when their daughter gets a boyfriend D00 Happening now in my uterus

Memes For Women Which Men Simply Won't Comprehend

Because women get it
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