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funny parenting memes relatable to anyone with kids | thumbnail text - When you can't afford something so you have to put it back MURSULAN @3sunzzz When the nurse told mel could take my 1st newborn son home I thought, "I wonder if she knows that I can't even keep an air plant alive."

Funny Parenting Memes Which Anyone With Kids Can Relate To

Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said
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relatable women's memes which men won't understand | thumbnail text -

Relatable Women's Memes Which Men Won't And Don't Comprehend

Men simply don't get it
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boozy memes for anyone obsessed with wine | thumbnail text - "You cannot drink a whole bottle of wine by yourself" Don't believe me just watch veeeeee ... @va_dickens $20 bottle of $14 glass of wine wine at store at bar

Boozy Memes For Anyone Obsessed With Wine

Because wine not
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hard-hitting adulting memes for anyone who can't handle adulting today | thumbnail text - JayMind @JayMindX "I was born ready" is a cool thing to say but, if I'm being honest, I don't think baby me was prepared for all this midlife nose hair. Glitter @xoGlitterTV You're an adult now, pick 3: » full time job •a consistent workout schedule • a sex life the will to live • a fridge with actual food in it • one large coffee

Hard-Hitting Adulting Memes For Anyone Who Can't Handle Adulting Today

Where's the adultier adult
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workout memes for anyone who hates the gym | thumbnail text - YESTERDAY WAS LEG DAY How long have I been on the treadmill? *Looks* 0:01:15 [laughing nervously] God, I wish I was dead.

Fitness Memes For Anyone Who Hates Going To The Gym

The only running I do, is running late
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women's memes men won't be able to relate to | thumbnail text - Embarrassing when your vegetables have shaved & you haven't Weily 2020 A RG 1 Product USA Produi E.U.A 365 EVERYDAY VALUE SHAVED Brussels SproUt- CHOUX DE BRI California Dreamings @Desert_Musings It's a safe assumption that every time a woman stabs her eye with the mascara wand means the rest of her day will go downhill. Very quickly.

Women's Memes Which Will Mean Absolutely Nothing To Men

It's a woman thing
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funny memes about being broken inside and full of despair | thumbnail text - My guardian angel after their shift with me My therapist: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Me:

Memes Which Reek Of Despair For Anyone Feeling Broken Inside

It's only uphill from here
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funny memes making fun of Keto Diet | thumbnail text - IT COULD BE US BUT. Ι ΑΜ ΟΝ ΚΕΤΟ When you've been on a low carb diet for 5 years and realize its only been 5 minutes..

Memes Making Fun Of Keto Diet Because It's So Necessary

Diet shmiet
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relatable women memes that men won't understand | thumbnail text - What I think I look like in mom jeans vs what I actually look like When you don't care about looking raggedy because you know you fine af when you need to be.

More Women's Memes Men Will Never Understand

Ladies, gather round
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funny memes about mental health for anyone who can't afford therapy | thumbnail text - Anxiety and me then: Anxiety and me now: shutte sh Elnur shutterstock shutters  Me Also me My mental health

Funny Mental Health Memes For Anyone Who Can't Afford Therapy

Who needs therapy when you can look at memes instead
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relatable memes about anyone who is addicted to online shopping | thumbnail text - When your tracking status hasn't updated yet Is done with everyone's bullshit]Me when Iorder 5 new outfits Me when I see my bank balance

Relatable Memes For Anyone Addicted To Online Shopping

Shopaholics unite
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funny memes about needing a vacation but being too poor | thumbnail text - I'm getting tired waking up and not being at the beach "How much do you need a vacation? Me: BRITISH AIRWAYS

Relatable Memes For Those Desperate For A Vacation But Can't Afford One

It's been a year
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funny memes for women which men won't understand | thumbnail text -  This is what tampon commercials should really look like Citytv bravo by betches @bravobybetches bravo me watching my friend text the guy whose number she said she deleted Producer: What makes you think that this time is different?

Women's Memes Men Will Never Understand

Memes the ladies will relate to
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relatable memes about napping if you're sleep deprived | thumbnail text - when you decide to have a little lay down for a few minutes but you wake up at 4am fully clothed with the lights on When you go to sleep at 4pm and wake up at 6pm: When am 1?

Relatable Memes About Taking A Nap For The Sleep Deprived

When you wake up not knowing what planet you're on
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funny memes about periods | thumbnail text - Molly @Molly_Kats Follow When u sneeze ur tampon out 9:51 PM - 14 May 2016 6 17 220 V 994 rena | inactive @catharsjis Follow me: can i go to the bathroom? teacher: okay. teacher: why are you taking your bag? me: #GrowingUpAGirl

Period Memes For When The Cramps Hit Hard

That dreaded time of the month
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relatable memes for those who hate winter and miss summer | thumbnail Text - My favorite thing about bundling up for winter is nobody knows when l'm not wearing a bra. somee cards, My Body: Is at a perfect room temperature My Feet:It's mid-January, we're in the throes of winter, and the cold weather is brutal. It's safe to say that my bikini tan lines have hibernated until next summer, and I won't be taking my heated blanket off for the foreseeable future. If you're anything like me, you thrive

Cold, Relatable Memes For Those Who Hate Winter And Long For Summer

Throwback to hot weather
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