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male fashion trends | thumbnail text - MoLo1472 · 8h Camouflage clothing as casual wear. Look if you're not fighting for freedoms or hunting our next meal, take that garbage off.

Men's Fashion Trends That Women Admitted They Can't Stand

Saggy pants are a no from us
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askwomen thread | thumbnail text - Font - applejax994 · 1d I have an ex whose last name is Loveless. Seriously. He cheated on me too.

16 Surnames That Are Too Ridiculous To Take

Last names we're definitely avoiding
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aita post | thumbnail text - A r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/allevie 10 hours ago 3 2 a3 3 3 A AITA for telling my friend to never come back to my house after he called my mom a Karen? My friends came over to my (14F) house for a movie. My mom had cancer and lost her hair, and she's been wearing a pixie cut wig until it grows back.

Teen Calls Out Obnoxious Friend For Calling His Mom A 'Karen' While She Is In Remission From Cancer

Some friends aren't really friends
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for ditching my date at the restaurant? Before anyone thinks this is fake, let me assure you i wish this was. I am in shock. I (26M) just recently went on a date with a (25-28?F) girl last Tuesday. We met at the gym. I've had a crush on her for a while and finally struck up a convo and asked her out. I booked us at a nice Korean restaurant that has Korean bbq stations.

Man Ditches His Date After She Unabashedly Exposed Her Racism

Another dine and dash date story
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askwomen thread | thmbnail text - ViolinOutOfTune · 16h An ex-boyfriend told me his mother was a more exciting and interesting woman than I would ever be. That's one of the many reasons he's my ex.

The Worst Mama Boys Women Have Ever Encountered

Little boys who seriously need to grow up
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA For Calling My BIL Out For His Weaponized Incompetence And Calling Him Pathetic At Dinner? I (F 24) have a sister (F 32) who has a husband (M 38) who is the poster child of weaponized incompetence. They have 4 kids (F10, M8, M5, F3) and she's pregnant. My sister works a full time job (40+ hours a week, cleans her entire house, cooks, takes care of all her children without him doing ANYTHING. It is seriously mind blowing that she wakes up at

Blunt Woman Calls Out BIL In Front Of Whole Family For Treating His Wife Like A Slave

The poor wife is too dedicated to him to say anything herself
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nice girl post | thumbnail text - NO WAY IM ALONE RN WHILE UGLY GUYS ARE NOT SINGLE aa O8 11 7 Comments

Internet Roasts Woman Who Expresses Confusion Over Ugly Guys Being In Relationships When She's Still Single

Let's toast to the roast
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askmen thread | thmbnail text - u_creative_username · 15h While pointing on the back of your head: "Hey is your hair getting thinner?"

Men Discuss The Type Of Comments That Would Completely Break Their Self-Confidence

Thinning hair is a sensitive topic
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women beign accused of doing things for male attention | thumbnail text -  mjsmore33 · 1d At 17 I had to have a lumpectomy to remove a large noncancerous tumor that was pressing on a nerve causing a lot of pain. I was accused of having the surgery in an attempt to get guys to look at my boobs.

Ridiculous Things Women Are Being Accused Of Doing For Male Attention

Please cut it out
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BF's friends attempt to serve GF food she is allergic to | thumbnail text -  Posted by u/The_Sown_Rose 14 hours ago 4 6 A 9 AITA for leaving a meal at my partner's friend's house and stranding him there? My partner's friends and I have never got on very well - our personalities just don't gel, and apart from my partner we have nothing in common.

Boyfriend's Buddies Intentionally Serve 'Revenge' Lychee After Discovering His Girlfriend Is Allergic

They wanted to teach her a lesson
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reddit thread about immature things guys still do | thumbnail text -

Men Reveal The Most Immature Things They Still Do

Cheers to never growing up
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askwomen thread | thmbnail text - Kind-Set9376 · 15h I was approached once when I was in the middle of eating a slice of pizza. Like, my whole mouth was full and everything. That was terrible. Also, while working. I hated when people would hit on me while working.

The Worst Times And Places For Men To Approach Women

Don't wait for her otside the restroom
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aita post | thumbnail text - AITA for not letting my daughter go to her homecoming dance? My daughter is 14 and a freshman in high school. She came home one day after being at her mother's for a week (we split custody) and wrote "homecoming" on our calendar and starts talking about all the plans she's made with her best friend to

Entitled Dad Forbids Daughter From Going To School Dance Because She Asked Mom Instead Of Him

Dad needs to chill out
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aita post | thumbnail text -AITA for showing my husband the text his mom sent me and causing her to be disowned? Not the A-hole To start me and my mother in law have never gotten along. She hates my guts and can be oversensitive often times. I tried not to give her the wrong impression about me but we just don't like each other.

Dramatic Mother-In-Law Faints After Being Confronted Over Nasty Text She Sent To Daughter-In-Law

Another hellish MIL
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Women on Reddit share the worst compliments they received from men they were attracted to | thumbnail text - dondavies954 1 day ago my high school crush said my mom was hotter than me& he couldn't wait for me to grow up "like that" it's been ten years, I look exactly the same

Women Reveal The Worst Compliments They Have Received From Men

Why are men such trash?
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pettiest fights people had with their significant others | thmbnail text - Bulkolives · 2d We've been having the same fight about coffee cups for literally years. I never finish the last sip or two of my coffee bc it's cold and not good at that point. He thinks this is wasteful. I think it's not only a negligible amount to waste, but am also mystified why he would insist I force myself to drink miserable dregs. The latest addition to the argument is now that I know the remaining sip infuriates h

The Pettiest Fights People Had With Their Significant Others

Petty ain't pretty
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