Pride and Prejudice Memes That Bewitch You Body and Soul

Pride and Prejudice Memes That Bewitch Your Body and Soul

Romance isn't intense s*x scenes and people make out like it's their last day on earth. Romance is a gentle brush of hands between two unrequited loves . Romance is watching a love blossom between two impossible characters. Romance is the way Darcy looks at Elizabeth for the entire story of Pride and Prejudice . If you know, you know. Jane Austen beautifully captured this clumsy love and films have portrayed it over and over again providing the world with hundreds of hours of period piece love…
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reddit post | thumbnail text - What's the romantic movie nobody would suspect you like a lot?  Notebook had me crying still after the credits ended lol

Men Share Their All-Time Favorite Rom Coms

I'll have what she's having
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askwomen post | thumbnail text - Crazy_Dragonfruit809 10 hr. ago Bridget Jones Diary absolute best.

Women Reveal Their Favorite Romantic Movies Of All Time

Love Actually obviously made the cut
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why the 10 things I hate about you is still iconic | thumbnail text - The chemistry between Ledger and Stiles is incredible and undeniable. You have no choice but to ship them. I live for their witty banter. They are pure on-screen magic.

What Made '10 Things I Hate About You' Iconic In Its Time

We love nineties cinematography
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a list of 8 girlboss movies | thumbnail text - girlboss movies

8 Girlboss Movies To Watch And End Women's History Month Strong

We love girlboss month
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2000s movie makeover looks | thumbnail text - Glasses

Iconic 2000s Movie Makeovers That We'll Never Forget

The Princess Diaries makeover lives in our heads rent-free
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Reddit thread about how the media portrays professions inaccurately | thumbnail text -  2 drunkenknitter 1 day ago I'm a librarian. I have literally never touched a physical book in my job. I don't have cats. I'm not shy and withdrawn. The cardigans are pretty spot on though.

Women Poke Fun At How Inaccurately Their Professions Are Portrayed In Media

Oh no, doctors aren't as sexy IRL?
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romantic comedy single date single ladies ruthf movies valentine Valentines day - 16445445

7 Rom Coms To Watch Today That Will Make You Glad You're Single

Valentine's movies that are bad
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I Tried The Clueless Morning Routine| thumbnail text - trying the clueless morning routine

I Tried The Clueless Morning Routine

As if
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14 Times Actors Accepted Roles Because They Wanted To Impress Their Kids| Thumbnail Text - Microphone - David Bowie voiced Lord Royal Highness in 'SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis' because his 6-year-old daughter loved SpongeBob

14 Times Actors Accepted Roles Because They Wanted To Impress Their Kids

They're not just regular parents, they're cool parents
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15 Comebacks & Clapbacks That Prove 2000s Movies Had The Best Scripts| Thumbnail Text - Person -  virgin who can't drive MOM'S CHEST HAIR!

10 Comebacks & Clapbacks That Prove 90s/00s Movies Had The Best Scripts

Simpler and savage times
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Euphoria Fashion Is Not That Original: 6 High School Shows And Movies That Did Scandalous Fashion First| thumbnail text - BAST LA ROUGH RIDERS EAS

'Euphoria' Fashion Is Not That Original: 6 Teen Shows That Did Scandalous Fashion First

These shows ran so 'Euphoria' could walk
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cash laraifra finance movies money - 16312325

7 Money Movies Ranked To Keep Us On Our Financially Savvy Toes

Let's binge some finance films
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18 Times Andrew Garfield Reacted To Fan Thirst Tweets| Thumbnail text - Smile - andrew garfield is thicc and woke

18 Times Andrew Garfield Reacted To Fan Thirst Tweets

Handsome and humble
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movies that make women cry | thmbnail text - Hydralancer · 2d Just the first 10 minutes of Up

Movies That Women Watch When They Need To Cry Big Time

Release the waterworks
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16 Nickelodeon Stars Who Shaped Our Childhoods: Then Vs. Now| Thumbnail text - Josh Peck

16 Nickelodeon Stars Who Shaped Our Childhoods: Then Vs. Now

Our childhoods wouldn't be the same without them
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