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men pose for hilarious typical pregnancy photos | thumbnail includes two photos man kissing another man's stomach and man sitting in field blowing flowers

Men Do Adorable Yet Absurd Maternity Photoshoots

Weird flex, but so funny
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weird wedding and engagement photos from romance hell

Disturbing Wedding And Engagement Pictures Straight From Romance Hell

I'll take being single any day
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21 Surprising Celebrity Face Mash-Ups| Thumbmail Text - Forehead - JIMINEM TYLER SWIFT

21 Surprising Celebrity Face Mash-Ups

Oddly realistic looking fake people
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creepy and disturbing pregnancy photos from people who shouldn't be parents | thumbnail three pictures of creepy pregnancy photos

Disturbingly Creepy Pregnancy Photos From People Who Probably Shouldn't Be Parents

Cringe worthy doesn't even cover it
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Fifteen Questions Posed On Tumblr Which Are Suspiciously Valid| thumbnail text - kyleehenke Follow how did my ancestors survive the brutal unforgiving wilderness when I get anxiety sweats from going to Target cryptideridan Follow to be fair im sure your ancestors would have the exact same reaction going to a Target

Fifteen Questions Posed On Tumblr Which Are Suspiciously Valid

The important questions we should be asking
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pictures of bad makeup fails | thumbnail includes two images of women with bad makeup Text - GUYS IM DEAD. I went to ulta to buy new foundation and the girl that helped me said "oh yeah, it matches your skin PERFECTLY," but PLEASE look at this. Lmaooo000 Tweet your reply

Makeup Fails Too Bad To Be True

Wrong shade of foundation much?
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funny pictures of really bad haircuts

Bad Haircuts Which Take Unflattering To A Whole New Level

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people whose home cooking totally failed | thumbnail text - "Followed Shepard's Pie recipe to pipe mashed potatoes out of ziploc. Never piped before and didn't realize there's more to it than squeezing. Nailed it."

People's Home Cooking Disasters: Expectations Vs Reality

Epic cooking fails
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funny pictures of women's problems that men will never understand | thumbnail text - "I sneezed while curling my eyelashes."

Women's Problems Men Will Never Understand

The ongoing mystery
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men share pictures of their chest hair art

Men Showing Off Their Chest Hair Art

Chest friends
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funny pictures of kids falling asleep everywhere | thumbnail includes two pictures of kids falling asleep on a TV and on the toilet

Pictures That Prove Kids Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

No bed, no problem
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russian wedding pictures badly photoshopped - cover pic bride with angel wings flying to her groom and groom playing a violin in the shape of his bride

Wedding Pictures Photo-Shopped So Badly, A Formal Apology Is Due

That's one way to butcher your wedding photos
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people who embarrassed themselves on the internet in really awkward moments | Text - If you were 32 weeks pregnant, and your spouse posts a meme in a private group that you're not in, that says "I only date antivaxxers because you only have to pay child support for 8 years instead of 18" What would your thoughts be? He says it's not about me

Awkward Moments Which Take 'Awkward' To A New Level

People Embarrassing Themselves On The Internet
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pictures of rock stars from the 1960s and 1970s wearing tight pants showing off their bulges | Andy Gibb Tom Jones David Bowie

Rock Stars From The 1960s And 1970s In Tight Pants, Showing Off Their Bulges

Padding or real?
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pictures of women whose makeup is next-level bad - thumbnail includes three pictures of women with bad makeup

Makeup Looks Which Are So Bad, They're Painful

Awful makeup fails
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pictures of wedding cake fails | bride dragging a groom from a computer desk | ugly cheap yellow cake

Wedding Cakes Worth Calling Off The Wedding For

Wedding Cakes So Bad, They Belong In The Trash
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