Ignorant Man Tries to Bust Coworker With HR For Being Unfaithful To His BF| thumbnail text - Posted by u/Moxxies_Thigh_Tattoo 17 hours ago 97 4 3 7 AITA for not telling my coworkers that I'm polyamorous and laughing at them?

Ignorant Man Tries to Bust Coworker Through HR For Being 'Unfaithful' To His BF

Mind your business
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tweets work stupid overheard lol funny twitter workplace coworkers | man angry at a laptop. tweet by DianneValiando Overheard office Well s time open up my e-mail and see who's going piss off today

Ridiculous Things People Have Overheard At Work

20 of the dumbest things people have overheard their coworkers say
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funny workplace tweets that remind us why we would prefer to be unemployed | thumbnail text - aurazepam @andlikelaura my favorite part about having a job is being too busy to eat during the day and then eating 5000 calories when i get home Humorous Resources HUMOROUS @HumorousResour1 That two hour meeting I just sat through was almost as productive single, well-written email. That no one would of read anyway.

Funny Workplace Tweets For When You Wish You Were Unemployed Instead

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memes you'll relate to if you hate your job more than life itself | thumbnail text - Companies: Our employees are just fine. Employees: Actual footage of me making friends at work... 1599 Isn't it nice we hate the same things?

Memes For People Whose Boss Is The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Them

Not everyone loves their job
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guy tells story of sleeping with coworkers mom for months without realizing | Posted by u/bleebloopo 6 days ago 3 96 3 3 49 33 3 3 633 4 54 42 12 61 53 2 TIFU by realizing older woman been sleeping with months is my coworkers mom. Lnsfw UPDATES BELOW Throwaway account, this literally happened like an hour ago. So M25) have been involved with an older woman (F44) lately started few months ago with onset Coronavirus on Tinder trying find someone hook up with during quarantine so as stay safe and

Guy Realizes Cougar He Is Sleeping With Is Coworker's Mom

A whole new level of awkward
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memes for anyone who cries at the thought of goin into work | thumbnail text - me trying to figure out how long i can stay in the restroom at work without getting fired A = r C= 2nn 1 + cos e cos - = 2 cot - = csc 0 + cot 0 2 1+ cos 0 cot - =+ 2 1- cos 0 V= aPh sin 0 cot 1- cos 6 土 O IN me at a job interview claiming working under also me I can work under pressure pressure

Memes For Anyone Who Dreads Going Into Work And Actually Doing Their Job

So basically these are for everyone, ever
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