Ridiculous Things People Have Overheard At Work

Sitting in an office with your coworkers for the best part of eight hours a day means you're bound to become comfortable with each other. And when you're spending that much time with the same people day in and day out, it's easy to let your guard down and say some pretty stupid things. Whether it's gossip over lunch or small talk at the water cooler, workplace conversations can often be the furthest thing from intelligence. 

Here are 20 tweets showing some of the dumbest and funniest conversation snippets people have overheard their coworkers say. We don't know about you, but they definitely make us feel a little better about ourselves – and our coworkers.

tweets work stupid overheard lol funny twitter workplace coworkers | man angry at a laptop. tweet by DianneValiando Overheard office Well s time open up my e-mail and see who's going piss off today
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