Coronavirus, no we don't mean when you drink one too many cervesas. Covid-19 has turned the 21st century on it's head, thrusting the world into facing an incredible challenge unlike one most of us have seen in our lifetimes. So why not laugh about it, it's healthier.

funny tweets drinking quarantine coronavirus alcohol | sarafcarter @sarafcarter At point quarantine where might just drink make myself hungover on purpose just feel something

Funny Tweets About How Much We're Drinking Now

We'll toast to that!
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female artist disney cartoons mom neighborhood instagram chalk sidwalk social distancing coronavirus quarantine neighbors | EXTRA LONG TABLE TWO, PLEASE disney lady and the tramp

Female Artist Of The Week: Chalk Cartoonist Mom Brightens Up Neighborhood

The art of Disney characters social distancing
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landlord hell evict pandemic twitter reddit bad eviction coronavirus online shame | Thursday, March 19, 2020 need move out by end day. Thanks. 9:44 AM Bro literally have nowhere go during this just got laid off

Landlords From Hell Being Shamed Online For A**hole Behavior

Oh, hellls no
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wales poster coronavirus funny don't visit satire tourism artist | SOLVA PEMBROKESHIRE JUST LOOK UP ON YOUTUBE PRICK @welshdalailama #dontvisitwaleschallenge | no secret! PORTHCAWL has shittest beaches #dontvisitwaleschallenge

"Don't Visit Wales" Challenge: Funny Posters To Stop Tourism In Wales

Trying to keep people away using satire
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justin timberlake parenting twitter quarantine coronavirus COVID-19 funny tweets isolation sympathy | krp @KayArePea Replying 1followernodad parenting toddler by myself, trying simultaneously do and work home, and somehow expected hold together while my income cut by 75 sincerely want them both punched face immediately.

Justin Timberlake Finding 24-Hour Parenting Hard, But Receives Little Sympathy

Parents of Twitter are having none of it
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couple costume isolation instagram period walk coronavirus COVID-19 | couple dressed in tudor era outfits and victorian bathing suits

English Couple Are Dressing In Period Costumes For Isolation Walks

Lifting the spirits of their fellow villagers
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facebook ballgowns funny bins pictures coronavirus lockdown suit | Alli Maitland Bin day? ... have I missed it?!? what day is it anyway??? @BinDayBallgown woman taking out the trash

People Have Started Taking The Bins Out In Their Ballgowns

Taking out the trash just got classier
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tweets video conference funny home office coronavirus zoom twitter | distracted boyfriend SIVA VAIDHYANATHAN @sivavaid New Zoom background.

Funny Video Meeting Mishaps From The Last Few Weeks

Technology doesn't always work in our favor
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tweets accurate introverts social distance twitter funny | Daniel Howell @danielhowell 'social distancing' please been training pandemic my entire life introverts rise up finally valid

Accurate Tweets Summing Up Social Distancing For Introverts

"Introverts: flattening the curve since forever"
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friends cast quarantine funny reactions coronavirus COVID-19 gifs

"Friends": The One With Coronavirus

Could this BE any worse?
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funny texts parents quarantine coronavirus memes twitter | Samantha Quek @SamanthaQuek Just read this text my Dad Today 15:59 Just heads up, if get an email Department Health saying not eat tinned pork and ham because contains Covid-19 ignore s spam.

Face-palm Texts Parents Are Sending During Quarantine

Technology never fails us
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Kevin Porter charity Ellen twitter roast money donations kindness coronavirus COVID-19 funny tweets | Kevin T. Porter @KevinTPorter Right now all need little kindness know, like Ellen Degeneres always talks about! She's also notoriously one meanest people alive Respond this with most insane stories heard about Ellen being mean l'll match every one w 2 LAFoodBank

Kevin Porter Asks Twitter To Roast Ellen Degeneres And Donates Charity In Return

All in the name of kindness
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Coronavirus recovery stats in different countries around the world

Number of Patients Recovered from Corona-Virus By Country

Timeline history of all recovered patients from the Corona-Virus by country
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Jimmy Fallon hashtag Challenge twitter funny coronavirus covid-19 quarantine | jimmy fallon @jimmyfallon 's time Tonight Show: At Home Edition Hashtags! Tell us funny thing done pass time quarantine, and tag with #ImSoBoredl. Could be on show! | Elise @mills_elise Replying jimmyfallon #ImSoBoredlI cooked full three course meal, and ate all by myself whilst pretending on cooking show won.

Funniest Responses To Jimmy Fallon's Latest Hashtag Challenge

People explain how bored they are in quarantine
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tweet 2020 coma patient coronavirus covid-19 coma 2016 election patient | Travis Akers @travisakers Describe 2020 someone who has been coma since day before 2016 election, using only 5 words. | Dr. Jack Brown @DrGJackBrown Replying travisakers 's plural Apocalypse?

Describing 2020 In 5 Words To Someone Comatose Since 2016

Go back to sleep dude
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famous painting reenact quarantine coronavirus COVID-19 classical art memes | painting artwork person playing a flute vs pic of a woman taking a bite out of a long sandwich

Reenacting Famous Paintings To Pass The Time

Staying occupied got a whole lot more fun
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