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Alarmed Woman Accidentally Goes On Date With Fascist Who Paid For His Portion Of Date With A Gift Card

Horror story, date edition
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10 Crazy Things Men Have Admitted On Dates| thumbnail text - admitted he was way behind on child support and about to get his wages garnished, but spent 10k on boob implants for his ex-girlfriend

10 Crazy Things Men Have Admitted On Dates

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People Share Their First Dates That Were So Bad They Had To Walk Out| Thumbnail Text - Gesture - "He snapped his fingers at a waiter. It was so rude, and I was mortified. I left before we even ordered drinks."

People Share Their First Dates That Were So Bad They Had To Walk Out

"He said he hoped our kids don't have my nose."
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Women Reveal The Absolute Worst Sex They Ever Had | Thumbnail text - "I started BURNING 'down there'. Turns out he had super hot wings for lunch and didn't wash his hands thoroughly enough."

Women Reveal The Absolute Worst Sex They Ever Had

When men are disappointing in the bedroom
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askmen post | thumbnail text - molonel 1 hr. ago ended up at police station closed down restaurant where were eating, and were going bar some drinks. She got pulled over on way, and failed her field sobriety test waiting my car, saw her get put handcuffs middle mouthing WTE cop made get out and do field sobriety test (which obviously passed then made come police station with them. She evidently showed up hammered date. There were couple red flags but had chalked up first date butterflies.

Men Reveal The Moment They Decided To Walk Out On A First Date

Time to GTFO
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Tinder Date 'Craps' In Girls Car, Doesn't Pay To Clean It And Then Ghosts Her| Thumbnail Text - White - AITA for venmo requesting $ from a tinder date after he crapped in my car? I(19f) went on a tinder date with a guy who I knew from hs. We were mutual acquaintances before this, and when we matched on tinder we agreed to meet up.

Tinder Date 'Craps' In Girls Car, Doesn't Pay To Clean It And Then Ghosts Her

The audacity smells like sh*t
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Guy Loses It After Woman Rejects Him After Telling Her He Was Obsessed With His Ex | thumbnail text - Clearly you are an emotionless cat lady. I've fu way more people than you will ever f You're a malicious person and I'm sure you'll die alone

Guy Obsessed With His Ex Gets Rejected After Date, And Loses His Sh*t

Woman Rejects Guy After He Admits Obsession With Ex, He Loses It
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guy asks woman to venmo him for three dates after she rejects him and gets roasted | thumbnail text - it's only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on. I believe it was 3 separate times we went out bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time. I'd say $35 is more than fair for your food and drinks that I got you during those dates. I view you as a fair girl, I hope you'll consider reimbursing me. Thanks! Alex @alexo colbath It's the audacity for me. CK Share Paym

Twitter Annihilates Guy Who Asks Woman For Reimbursement After Tinder Date

The ultimate dating cesspool known as Tinder has been driving us crazy since its inception. It's like the founders brought all the worst dudes of the universe together on the app and were like "have a go at destroying all these women!" In this Tinder tale, a Tinder dude had the audacity to ask his dating buddy if she could reimburse him for the three dates they want on after she decided she wasn't interested. Read on for this Tinder horror story, which she posted on Twitter .
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Woman Gets Sweet Revenge On Toxic F*ck Boy With His Landlord| thumbnail text - I started hooking up with this guy we will call Jake even though he was a complete f*ck boy because I was hopelessly addicted to...his d*ck.

Woman Gets Sweet Revenge On Toxic F*ck Boy With His Landlord

Let this serve as a how to
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women reveal stories of men who acted like total psychos after they were dumped | thumbnail text -

8 Times Guys Were Complete Psychos After They Were Dumped

Awkward dating stories from real women in New York City
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roundup of the worst dates from this week | thumbnail text - He told me he was sorry he was 'off,' but he tried acid for the first This time last night and it made him feel like shit.

Roundup Of The Absolute Worst Dates People Went On This Week

Awkward dating stories from real people in New York City
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Misogynistic things real men actually said on a date | thumbnail pop art image of man and woman text - if you don't want your ass grabbed don't wear revealing clothing

10 Misogynistic Things Real Men Have Actually Said On Dates

Misogynistic Things Real Men Have Said On Dates
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awful texts men had the audacity to send women after being rejected | thumbnail text - rejecting me? It's clear you are a stupid skank

Awful Texts Men Had The Audacity To Send Women After Being Rejected

Trigger Warning: Male Fragility
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Hilarious tweets about dating during a pandemic| thumbnail text - Dylan and I were set up by a mutual friend after I decided to put down the dating apps and try the 'organic' approach.

Woman's Date Ends Up With A Hit And Run Car Crash

Needless to say, there was no second date
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The Time My Date Peed On My Lawn:Bad Dates - Real Women| thumbnail text - he literally strts chugging this bottle of wine

The Time My Date Peed On My Lawn︱Bad Dates - Real Women

'He wanted me to explain why I never wanted to see him again'
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8 people confess their most embarrassing wedding dates | thumbnail text - Who invited that asshole?

8 People Spill The Tea On Their Most Embarrassing Wedding Dates

Now that the summer is upon us, so is wedding season! Weddings are typically a fun time to gather with friends and family, eat free food, listen to good music and enjoy an open bar , but sometimes your plus one is a total idiot that f*cks things up for everyone involved! Take it from these people who brought wedding dates that completely humiliated themselves , started drama, and even left them to foot the bill, making them think twice about bringing a plus one and flying solo this wedding seas…
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