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18 screenshots from a reddit article where users wrote in what they do when they miss their significant others | Thumbnail has a zoomed in picture of a hand holding a phone next to a cup of coffee, with black text outlined in a light pink color that says 'I text him that I miss him and spam him with memes'

‘I Go Ballistic’: 18 Co-dependent Couples on How They Conquer the Catastrophes of Missing Each Other

What do you do when your other half has a life of their own?
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Gesture - "I'm so tired of it though and believe he can wash a few dishes every now and then to help me out. He points out that he already told me if he can't use the dishwasher he's not doing any dishes, but washing a dish by hand doesn't take long."

AITA: 'I don't trust my partner with the dishwasher, but still expect him to do the dishes by hand.'

As if doing the dishes wasn't enough of a nightmare...
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When she shows you how she feels. My girlfriend shows me that she loves me by constantly hugging me, telling me I’m an amazing boyfriend, giving my affection, and being there for me when I need her the most. And because she does that it’s much easier not to overthink.

What Men Want: Redditors Share the Sexiest and Most Attractive Traits in a Woman

You'll be surprised by the the answers
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Men Share What They've Learned from Dating Apps | The right swipe to relationship ratio is infinitely small. As much as I hate going to bars and other outings, it's significantly more likely to actually lead to a date.

Lessons from the Swipe: The Men of Reddit Share Experiences with Dating Apps

Swiping for Success (or not...)
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I told my husband that I needed to tell him something when we were going to pick up my son Sam and his girlfriend Sadie, and he had to promise me not to be upset. I just said 'Sadie is trans'. He just went, 'hmm, okay'. On the drive to Sam's place, I told my husband that Sam loves her and it took a lot of courage from Sadie to be open with us right from the beginning. My husband just said 'we will talk later'.

Your Weekly Dose of Wholesome Reddit: Man Tells Parents His New Girlfriend is Trans, Dad in Response: 'Let's Get Ice Cream'

It's like a dad joke and a dad hug served in a cone with sprinkles
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Men Share Their Dream Dates | "I'm just assuming from a guy I told about a date I got stood up on. I planned to take a girl axe throwing, followed by sushi and a hike afterward. The guy I told said I should just take him out, haha."

The Most Romantic Date Ideas to Sweep Your Man Off His Feet

Get your climbing gear on, ladies!
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Forehead - TheChoonk 17 hr. ago You know those hair claw things? This. Hours of fun, literally hours.

Your Dose of Wholesome Weekend LOLs: Men Share Their Equivalent for Girls Stealing Their Hoodie

I never knew there were so many uses for panties.
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She said she stopped doing it because she didn't want it to affect her career, and she thought I knew about it already. I told a few of my friends about it.  Long story short, the photos somehow got into the hands of the school board, and Sarah was fired for "unprofessional behavior". Sarah is devastated and blames me for ruining her career.

AITA: ‘I never meant for this to happen': Man Finds Out His Girlfriend Used to be a Lingerie Model, Tells His Friends and “Accidently” Ruins Her Dream Career

I feel so bad for this woman...
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25 Men Share What They Learned From Their First Serious Relationship | you can't keep in giving someone the benefit of the doubt when they get all the benefits and you get all the doubts.

From Communication to Cuddling: What the Men of Reddit Learned from Their First Girlfriend

Our first serious relationship is a rite of passage for many of us, and the lessons we learn can stay with us for a lifetime. Whether it's learning to be more patient, more understanding, or more confident, there's always something to take away from the first time you call someone your girlfriend/boyfriend. On r/AskMen , one user raised the question of what the men in the group learned from their first serious relationship . Many talked about heartbreak and betrayal, but the majority of men sha…
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23 Heartwarming Stories of How Meeting the Right Person Changed These People's Life for the Better|I was FLOORED to find out that not only did I deserve more, but there was someone out in the world willing to do everything (and more) with a smile on his face|Even though he is to this day completely rejected by my family he stood there for me, supported me and literally saved me from my toxic family and the cult|I can be myself and tell him absolutely anything

'How Love Changed My Life': 23 Reddit Users Share Heartwarming Stories of How Their Lives Became Better Thanks to Their Partner

Wholesome testimonials of love and transformation
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"I don't want to be naive and say that each kiss should spark fireworks." | I recently went on a first date with a guy I've known for a few months. He's sweet, totally nice, and made a point to make me as comfortable as possible. In short - he did nothing wrong at ALL. But when we were making out... It just did not feel right. I felt nothing at all, actually. It was super weird and I wanted it to be over ASAP. I've never had a makeout feel so awkward before.

It's In His Kiss: Reddit Users Weigh in Whether a Bad Kiss a Deal Breaker

Should You Trust Your Gut Feeling?
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Bachelor in the Kitchen: Does Not Knowing How to Cook Make Men Unattractive? | Like how do you make it to 3 decades of life without knowing how to actually cook at least a few tasty dishes? He then added that he went to the grocery store the other day and picked up zucchini by accident (he meant to get cucumbers). Like this man can't even identify basic vegetables lol. I was so so turned off.

Bachelor in the Kitchen: Does Not Knowing How to Cook Make Men Unattractive?

MasterChef or MasterMess?
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mother met my father because she called the cops for repeat noise violations|My mom answers door party going on My dad who is a dork leans against the door and says Am I late? Expects my mom to swoon My mom said Who are you?|I saw a guy at a festival, he looked very creepy and I warned my friends about him|I met my husband I thought guy isn't my type|mutual friend set my wife and I up at the end of the night my wife looked at our friend asked Why would you set me up with an AH

"I don't want no fly guy, I just want a shy guy": 25 Heartwarming Stories of Women Who Gave the Awkward Shy Guy a Chance and Fell Head Over Heels

In a society that often celebrates extroverted behavior and confidence, it's easy to overlook the value of shyness. Shy people can be seen as quiet, reserved, and sometimes even awkward, but that doesn't mean they don't have a lot to offer. If you're considering dating someone who is shy, it's important to understand that shyness is not a character flaw . It's simply a personality trait, and one that can actually be quite endearing. Shy people often take their time getting to know someone, and…
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The Weirdest Date Stories (Part Two): A Collection of Wild (Un)romantic Encounters | I met this girl on tinder, we had texted a lot, we agreed to meet, and she told me she had already plans for marrying me. | He tried to set me up with his identical twin | It started pretty chill and then she started planning a family and where we were gonna live.

The Weirdest Date Stories (Part Two): A Collection of Wild (Un)romantic Encounters

So much cringe, but we're still laughing
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Tell Me You're Insecure Without Telling Me You're Insecure: Man Takes His Girlfriends Reading Habits to Reddit Because They Threaten His Masculinity | thumbnail reads - "She has told me she would not like me watching porn, she'd get too jealous that someone else is making me horny. I get that, yet she does the same thing with romance novels? I don't really want to talk to her about this again because she'll know that it's bothering me."

Tell Me You're Insecure Without Telling Me You're Insecure: Man Takes His Girlfriends Reading Habits to Reddit Because They Threaten His Masculinity

He was really just looking for approval to start watching p*rn again.
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When High School Drama Follows You into Adulthood | caption reads - "I got in touch with a nanny agency and they matched us to someone who lives local. When the day came around and we met her, it turned out that my wife already knew Sarah. It was really awkward. I wasn't sure how they knew each other until afterwards. My wife told me that back when she was in high school, her boyfriend at the time cheated on her with Sarah who was in her class."

When High School Drama Follows You into Adulthood: "My wife told me that back when she was in high school, her boyfriend at the time cheated on her with Sarah who was in her class."

We call this drama-llama
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