pictures of cakes that look like real tropical islands

Realistic Paradise Island Cakes Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

Cake art perfection
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female artist of the week gives disney princesses realistic facial proportions | Jasmine from Aladdin and Elsa from Frozen

Female Artist Of The Week: Giving Disney Princesses Realistic Facial Proportions

Getting rid of those ridiculously big eyes
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pictures of incredible cakes that look like they're made of beads

Woman's Incredible Cakes Look Like They're Made Of Beads

Cake art at it's best!
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cartoons showing tan lines from famous characters on the beach - cover pic Marge and homer simpson and Cétautomatix at the beach

Cartoons Showing Tan Lines Famous Characters Would Have At The Beach

A different side to the characters we love
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instagram pictures by russian artist that seem like they are from another world - cover pic woman on saddle and woman on beach with snail shell

Female Artist Of The Week: Russian Instagram Star Creates Photos As If From Another World

Photos that are somehow both beautiful and terrifying
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siblings create beautiful chalk artwork on sidewalks near home

Siblings Create Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Art, Bringing Smiles To People's Faces

Spreading cheer during the pandemic
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Museums Battle on Twitter Over Who Has The Best Butt Exhibit - cover pic tweets of butts | Yorkshire Museum @YorkshireMuseum 'S TIME CURATORBATTLE Today's theme is #BestMuseumBum! This cracking Roman marble statuette depicts an athlete at peak fitness may have decorated town house one Eboracum's wealthier residents. Has someone taken bite out this BEAT MuseumBums | Dana Ardis @ZooLuki @Rainluvvr RT @DrJEBall clear winner BestMuseumBum is statue Aphrodite Kallipygos (lit Aphrodite beautiful butto

Museums Battle Over Who Has The Best Butt Exhibit

The best Twitter battle yet
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classical art memes culture history funny facebook | Picasso painting an S shape figure Super S Stussy

More Classical Art Memes For The Cultured Souls

Learning history has never been so fun
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gluten free art museum funny pictures artist artwork | artworks masterpieces paintings photoshopped edited so that all bread and gluten products are missing

Gluten-Free Art Museum: Famous Artworks Without Gluten

A different way to enjoy art
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People Recreate Amateur Paintings photo brilliant Facebook funny pics art

People Brilliantly Recreate Bad Amateur Paintings

Art at its best
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dad instagram son drawing real life art kids drawings | child's drawing of a cow and a 3D rendering of a real life cow in the shape of the drawn one | James Bond with a messed up face

Instagram Account Of Dad Turning Son's Drawings Into 'Real-Life'

Art with a little help from dad
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classical art memes funny facebook | never seen child before and have paint them description CLASSICAL ARTMEMES miniature men

Some More Classical Art Memes For Cultural Stimulation

Art and history have never been more accessible
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bizarre thrift store instagram funny pics pictures art found find | framed photo of a photoshop edit little girl running from bears hunting fish | SELF-PROTECTION GUIDEBOOK GIRLS AND WOMEN Avoid Disco Attack 70s fashion bell bottoms

Most Bizarre Things People Found In Thrift Stores

The Instagram account documenting people's weird finds
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baker beautiful macarons instagram breathtaking baking art food | cute adorable baked desert tiny chicks baby ducks and the masks from Money Heist casa de papel

Baker Creates Beautifully Intricate Macarons

Almost too breathtaking to eat
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celebrities animals cartoon comparison art drawing lookalike | Johnny Depp with glasses and a goatie beard drawn as a cat

Artist Reimagines Celebrities As Animals, With Striking Similarity

Angelina Jolie as a snake killed us
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artist carving fruit veg Instagram vegetables food art intricate skill sculpture | watermelon carved in the shape of a red and white skull and avocado carved as a head of an alligator lizard

Artist Creates Incredible And Intricate Carvings In Fruits And Veg

Turning food into works of art
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