taylor swift midnights tweets | thumbnail text -  t @swifterous taylor swift releasing a new album: You guys are in a crisis. I'm on my way.

Funniest Tweets Celebrating Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' Album For All The Hardcore Swifties

T-Swift FTW
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euphoria drawings | thumbnail text - keep making mistakes and not leaming them.

A Colorful Batch of Euphoria-Inspired Works Of Art

Euphoric art
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22 Tweet Reactions To "Tick, Tick... Boom!" That Prove It's Kind Of A Big Deal| Thumbnail Text - Microphone - taylor @taylorsnavi broadway fans cameo in tick tick boom pointing at the screen for every 11:25 PM · Nov 23, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 209 Retweets 20 Quote Tweets 1,751 Likes

22 Tweet Reactions To "Tick, Tick... Boom!" That Prove It's Kind Of A Big Deal

Your inner theatre kid will thank you
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Twelve images that might expose your dirty mind| text -  indoor Anl A symbol d harmony & peace BONSAI Grown by Costa Farms Miami FL 33170 0.53 pt 4.00in BONSAI MINI IN SER 250 L 22532 32021 Arm,Plant,Human body,Terrestrial plant,Elbow,Tree,Natural foods,Flowering plant,Human leg,Peach

Weirdly Erotic Images Which Aren't Actually Erotic At All

Warning... you may become exposed to your dirty mind.
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23 Miniature Fantasy Worlds To Get Lost In| Thumbnail Text - Valencia orange - 4. love these - they make me marvel at the power of imagination! OD 46.8K 431,931 Shares

23 Miniature Fantasy Worlds To Get Lost In

Beautiful art creations - take a closer look
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makeup artist creates stunning pictures on people's eyelids | thumbnail includes two pictures of makeup on eyelids candy and ariel mermaid

Makeup Artist Creates Mesmerizing Images On Eyelids

Eye candy at it's best!
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husband draws mirror doodles on mirror to motivate wife who hates her job | thumbnail includes two mirror doodles | Meeseeks singular purpose! are have wait here Supposed until morning live this log just wanna DIE | Tuesday feels like Patrick star

Husband Draws Bathroom Mirror Doodles To Motivate Wife For Work

The little things which keep love alive
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Medieval Art Showing people getting Stabbed But Couldn't Care Less

People In Medieval Art Who Are Getting Stabbed But Literally Couldn't Care Less

The Middle Ages were brutal
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Things women want to spend all their money on | thumbnail text -  OrangeyPanda · 13h Food. So much food to try.

Things Women Are Willing To Blow All Their Cash On

Spend that money
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photographer takes pictures of famous landmarks facing the wrong direction - thumbnail includes two pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Paris and St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City

Photographer Takes Pictures Of Famous Landmarks Facing The Wrong Direction

An interesting take on culture
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funny tweets from parents about their kids' artistic 'talents' | thumbnail text - James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn 4-year-old drew face Where are my ears? 4: Mom says never use them. 12:24 AM May 30, 2016 Twitter Web Client 1,509 Retweets 5,380 Likes

Funny Tweets From Parents Reviewing Their Kids' 'Art'

Honest, relatable reviews about kid's art
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Finnish woman's bizarre and disturbing self-portraits | thumbnail includes two pictures of woman, bending over washing machine and standing on treadmill

Woman Creates Bizarre, Disturbing Self-Portraits And Calls It Art

Selfies on a whole new level
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Creepy ugly Renaissance baby paintings | thumbnail includes two pictures of babies Madonna and Child by Mantegna

Renaissance Artists Painted Really Creepy, Ugly Babies

Honey, I shrunk the kids (Renaissance style)
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Funny pictures of rude cross stitches your grandma will find offensive | thumbnail includes two images Text - NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WHILE EATING A BANANA,  My Heels are BIGGER than your dick

More Offensive Cross Stitches Filled With Snarky Sentiments

Not the Bible quotes you're used to
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pictures of artist painting the patterns of his own shirt in beautiful locations - thumbnail includes two pictures of artist panting his own shirt patterns

Artist Travels To Beautiful Locations To Paint The Pattern of His Own Shirt

An artist with a sense of humor
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pictures of what mona lisa would look like in today's society - thumbnail shows two pictures of Mona Lisa sitting down

Artist Reimagines What Mona Lisa Would Look Like In Today’s Society (Photos)

If Mona Lisa was an influencer
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