first dates that gave women immediate icks | thumbnail text - Using my loo and doing most stinkiest smelling my whole house out. Then after he done tried coming cuddles whilst he all sweaty and his 30 min shit fest

Women Reveal First Dates That Were Walking Icks

They all gave us the immediate ick
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twitter thread about weird things that give people the ick | thumbnail text -  foo @babycurllII Replying beerdefeater got ick bc this man said cool beans 1:52 PM Mar 9, 2022 Twitter iPhone

People Reveal Funny Reasons They Got The Ick (Twitter Thread)

Immediately no
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disgusting things exes did | thumbnail text - momof2boys87 · 4h Bought me the same perfume his sister wore because it "turned him on."

Disgusting Things Exes Did That Made Us Gag

So nauseating
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worst public restroom things | thumbnail text -

The Worst Things People Have Witnessed In Public Restrooms

This is why we only use the bathroom at home
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worst houseguests who destroy people's lives | thumbnail text -Renrost · 11h · edited 4h Go through my closet and get mad at me for having sex toys because it was inappropriate. Wtf

Horrifying Houseguests Who Exist Solely To Destroy People's Homes

So much yikes
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