Awkward Texts That Were Sent To Parents By Mistake

Everyone knows and can relate to the anxiety caused by sending a text to the wrong person. Whether it's to your boss, an ex-boyfriend, or sending a text about someone to that person by mistake, these slip-ups can cause a mini heart-attack each time. But perhaps the worst is when you send a text to your parents containing some sort of sexually explicit message that was clearly meant for someone else. The stress that causes, is another level, and reading through these texts can give you a taste of just how bad some kids have put their foot in it. 

awkward texts that kids sent to their parents by mistake | Mom Edit If my family asks just say are my roommate can't deal with this coming out right now. Ok so would like pretend didn't see And continue pretending not know always known since were 5? Well wasn't supposed happen. Can't wait meet roommate xoxoxoxo Omg mom stop | Daddy Contact Read 12:45 AM Did mean send this Answer phone NOW Are serious Is this is do whole at School
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