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Woman Gives Husband Ultimatum After His 'Work Wife' Constantly Messages After Hours

A woman took to the popular Reddit thread, Am I The A**hole, to ask if she was right to give her husband an ultimatum when it came to his new female coworker who was infatuated with him. She was sick of the way the coworker would contact her husband, "Multiple times a day at all hours of the day and night she will call and text him for help" and felt that she was crossing all kinds of boundaries. She ended the post saying, "He can either to be married to me, or married to her, but I wasn't going to be the third wheel in my own marriage. He says he does not have feelings for her and that I am overreacting to him just wanting to help a friend. I feel otherwise. AITA?" Of course, Redditers jumped to her defense, reassuring her that she was totally within her right to call her husband out on his shady behavior. Read through her dilemma below, along with the advice she received. And always, always trust your gut when it comes to this type of behavior in relationships. Boundaries exist for a reason, and a partner who can't honor those boundaries does not respect you or your relationship.

Woman gives husband ultimatum after not setting appropriate boundaries with woman at work | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/coworkerthrowaway999 2 days ago 8 7 98 E 14 AITA for telling my husband he is either married to me or his co-worker? Not the A-hole My (37f) husband (40m) has been working at his company for 10 years as a maintenance supervisor. About a year ago they hired Tabitha* to work in their accounting department. Since the day she first started working there, she has had an infatuation
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