16 Funny Memes For Ladies Only| thumbnail text - Smile - Flower - How it feels going clubbing when you're over 25 linds @Lindseyytcraine my new years resolution is to put my clothes back on the hangers and in my closet after trying them on. i know that sounds small, but it's a big issue in my life

16 Funny Memes For Ladies Only

Men just don't understand
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women share the strangest period symptoms they get | thumbnail text - QueenOfTheTermites 4 days ago Suddenly just 50% weaker than I usually am. Like, I'm a runner and I can only run like 1/2 the distance at a 1/4 of the speed right before my period.

Women Reveal Their Strangest 'I’m about to start my period' Symptoms

Oh, those period poops
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Redditors Disclose The Biggest Mistakes People Make In Relationships| thumbnail text - - Cipher_Error404 6 days ago Ignoring blazing red flags. Like holy hell, my ex had some and I gave them the benifit of the doubt. And I ignored them. I dumped his ass when it all came to light 55 Reply Give Award Share Report Save

People Disclose The Biggest Mistakes They Made In Relationships

We live and we learn
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80 Funniest 'Women Roasting Men' Tweets| thumbnail Text - Pnonessential government oils2 @babadookspinoza The year is 2035. Marie Kondo holds up the condemned man to the crowd. "Does this man spark joy?" The crowd jeers, "No he does not!" She nods silently and throws him into the pit.

80 Funniest 'Women Roasting Men' Tweets

Hell hath no fury...
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women reveal the worst backhanded compliments they've received | thumbnail text - You have abeautiful pregnaneyglow" The kicker? Iwasnit pregnant, You're cute sure, not hot by any means. But cute!

Women Reveal Worst Backhanded Compliments They've Ever Received

The worst way to insult someone
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funny memes for women only | thumbnail text - Maggie? Winters? @saggiesplinters answering the door for delivery, My life clothes me and shoes i can't afford

Funny Memes For Women Only

Ladies, gather round
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tired tropes in media that made women roll their eyes | thmbnail text -  zenOFiniquity8 · 3d Fight scenes in towering high heels. IRL broken ankles everywhere

Tired Tropes In Media That Made Women Roll Their Eyes

Not again
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Women's Memes For Women Only, Because Men Just Don't Understand | thumbnail text - Alison Leiby @AlisonLeiby definition being woman is hating period cramps so much actually long menopause.

Women's Memes For Women Only, Because Men Don't Want To Understand

It's a woman thing
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guys all women meet on new years eve | thumbnail image of man with Party hat. Text - The Self- Sabotage Single His ex broke up with him right before the New Year, which is the reason why his cat is the only female in his life he can trust at the moment. Like, dude, your loss. Maybe he'll find love in 2022 when he's finally gotten over her.

Guys All Women Encounter On New Years Eve

Just because 2021 was the ultimate sh*t show dumpster fire , doesn't mean you can't end it with a total bad bish bang. Your idiot friends have already convinced you to drop a hundo on an NYE party that surely will not be worth the price tag, but at least you always look hot in sparkly sh*t. Even though you downloaded all the dating apps and sat through countless Facetime dates , you're still somehow going into the next year without your own corona cutie. Looks like this overrated New Years part…
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People Disclose What Gives Them "The Ick"| Thumbnail text - - Liv X @livhartshorn · Oct 16, 2020 ... Replying to @livhartshorn when they set themselves as their screen saver 9. 27 40 825

People Disclose What Gives Them 'The Ick'

Infatuation to Disgust Reach Quick
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we rated the outfits from women in top wholesome Christmas movies and here's what we found | thumbnail Holiday In The Wild 4/10 Points added for simple and stylish, points deducted because the blouse is a little bit see- through. This is a Christmas movie, not Girls Gone Wild, Kristin!

We Watched Wholesome Christmas Movies, And Decided To Rate The Top Outfits

Women's outfits, rated out of ten
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Woman Vents About How She Is Done With Expecting Guys To Make The First Move| thumbnail text - Posted by u/starryeyes333 5 days ago E 25 e2 3 3 3 I'm so tired of seeing women on social media preaching about if a man's interested he'd let it be known. Venting edited for graMmar

Woman Vents About How She Is Done With Expecting Guys To Make The First Move

'There's no one size fits all for how men and women should be'
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ridiculous and outdated life hacks from women's magazines | make everyone smile! Julie Collymore, Little Harrowden, Northamptonshire 's just as good and w Jeanne Clarke, Stourbrid RICE PAIR Boot cleavage by creating own chicken fillets. Instead buying expensive bra fillers, create own by filling pop sock with rice. They mould perfectly body, and can make them as big or as small as like. Jade, Birmingham COMPILED BY CHARLIE SELL AND ELIZAGETH DOHERTY PHOTOS | not very curvy and have no hips, so

Ridiculous And Outdated Life Hacks From Women's Magazines

Bad, bad advice
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Women Unveil The Important Lessons They Wish They Learned Realized Earlier | thumbnail text - tootzone • 9h 1 Award You... don't have to date every person who is interested when you're single. You don't have to "give a chance" to anyone you just don't like that much. It's unwise to try to look past things you really don't like just so you don't look "judgmental". Yeah. G Reply 1 Vote ...

Women Unveil The Important Lessons They Wish They Learned Realized Earlier

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Women Debunk Common Meaningless Female Myths| thumbnail text - kristinah25 · 19h 2 Awards That just because I have big boobs I am always purposely trying to show them off. No, it's just that no matter what I wear they are going to be poking out. G Reply 4 1.3k 3 ...

Women Debunk Common Meaningless Female Myths

Let's get real
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The Most Iconic Mansplaining Tweets From 2021| thumbnail text - daddyqueenkayse @_kaykay_love_ I just got mansplained homosexuality. So he's gay, right? 7:07 AM · Aug 9, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1 Retweet 8 Likes

The Most Iconic Mansplaining Tweets From 2021

Both frustrating and entertaining
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