Funny Couple Who Pull Serious Faces In All Their Photos

There's a reason you're meant to say "cheese" when posing for a photo; smiling is important! No one looks back at pictures of the family trip and says, "See how miserable I look? Good times." It sounds ridiculous, right? Well, this couple doesn't think so. They decided to ditch the smiles and pull serious faces for all pictures of important milestones in their life. The husband said, "My wife and I have done serious pics for every major life event. I love her so much, and I am so happy to be married to my best friend." They are kind of funny; I'll give them that. But also, as The Joker famously said, "Why so serious?"

funny pictures of couple who pull serious faces in all major life even photos - thumbnail includes two pictures of couple with dog and on wedding day
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