20 Cursed Images That Prove We Live In The Upside Down| Thumbnail Text - Forehead - ET. hg KIM KARDASHI-UN

20 Cursed Images That Prove We Live In The Upside Down

New level creepy
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People Reveal The Strangest Lies Their Parents Told Them | Thumbnail text - hfrjdbvhjbfdv 1 month ago If you eat chocolate you transform into chocolate Reply Give Award Share Report Save

People Reveal The Strangest Lies Their Parents Told Them

Creativity is key
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people in relationships reveal the annoying quirks about their partners | thumbnail includes picture of cereal Text - “My wife ate every single marshmallow in a family-sized box of Count Chocula. EVERY SINGLE ONE.”

People In Relationships Reveal Irritating Habits Of Their Partners

How to annoy your special someone
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illustrations showing weird facts about life - cover pic illustration of bananas going old and socks getting lost in wash | buy put on bag want eat | WASHING SOCKS Input Output

Brilliant Illustrations Showing Life's Weird Facts

All the "why" moments of life
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tattoos ugly lip why awful oh god | person pulling down their bottom lip with their hands to show an inner lip tattoo that reads MATH | man with facial tattoos a star under his eye and mustache upper lip tattoo that reads family tradition

Lip Tattoos Too Awful For Words

Just Why?
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askreddit question kids parents toddler parenting fail google why reddit thread parenting frustrating | DaddyGamer1984 4.1k points 4 days ago "Whats smell colour nine?"

Parents Share Questions From Their Toddlers That Even Google Couldn't Answer

But Why?
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tweets gender products wtf funny lol why weird twitter men woman | tweet by themouseyouknow unnecessarily gendered products, a thread: the 2 genders man and apricot. FOR YOU shampoo for men, FOR YOU shampoo apricot

Ridiculous Unnecessary Gendered Products ( A Thread)

Why do women need their own pink glue sticks?
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wtf tiktok soy sauce balls testicle challenge why viral video | tweet by Gizmodo TikTok teens are dipping their balls soy sauce and lighting their houses on fire pic of soy sauce being poured into a bowl

TikTok Users Dipping Balls In Soy Sauce Leaves People Dumbfounded

Did we really read that correctly?
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stair design wtf fail

38 Stair Designs That Were Designed By Satan Himself

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