People Reveal Why Women Live Longer Than Men| Thumbnail text - LittleWhiteGirl · 7h We were having such an excellent time, then we accidentally rolled off the bed and I fractured my foot. We were coworkers and nobody at work knew about us, so I limped around work for a couple weeks as we both tried not to laugh.

Women Reveal Their Funniest Hookup Moments They Will Never Forget

It's too funny not to laugh at
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The Funniest 'Sorry I Didn't message you back' Tweets For The Lazy Texters Out There| thumbnail text - Dana Donnelly O @danadonly · Feb 20 sorry i didn't text you back i spent all day worrying that you were mad at me for not texting you back •.. 5 27 210 2.3K

The Funniest 'Sorry I Didn't Message You Back' Tweets For The Lazy Texters Out There

Oops, my bad
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Texts People Wish More Than Anything That They Could Un-Send| thumbnail text - Human Resources at Paulo Freire Charter School @postcyborg Oops I accidentally texted a therapist I ghosted when I lost my insurance Hey I heard there was a party at your place. What time is it at? 32m O Hi Nathan, therapist here. I wish I was having a party! Hope you've been as well as well can be:) your old 6m

Texts People Wish More Than Anything That They Could Un-Send

There's no going back from here
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twitter thread about children's party | thumbnnail text -Aishaläiile @Aisha94 My plans for today were drinking a few glasses of wine and having lots of sex. Unfortunately things didn't go to plan and l'm at a child's party. Help me. 6:10 PM · Dec 11, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Woman Who Planned For Drinking Wine And Getting Laid Somehow Ends Up At Children's Party Instead (Twitter Thread)

Her day didn't go exactly as planned
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tweets about people wearing red at target being mistaken for employees | Fucked up and wore a red at target. 5 people have asked me for help | Note to self: don't go to target whilst wearing tan pants and a red shirt. Just had a lady ask to speak to my manager because I didn't know where the baby food

Wearing Red Clothing At Target Isn't A Good Move

Big whoops
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People Share Embarrassing crush stories| thumbnail text - Nicoletta 18 1 year ago I confessed to my childhood playmate crush on Valentine's Day. I quote his reply. "Yeah, I know." Give Award Share Report Save

People Expose Their Embarrassing Crush Stories

It wasn't really a crush if you didn't get crushed
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People Who Made Their Parents Want To Return Them| thumbnail text - 288 D Dad > Today 6:21 PM Do you have 3 nose rings now? Yes sir! Delivered When will it end

People Who Made Their Parents Want To Return Them

No Refunds
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parents reveal most expensive things their kids ruined by mistake - cover pic story of kid putting laptop in sink | feedmeacid 8.5k points 2 years ago Watching netflix as doing dishes. Had poop. 3 year old daughter drags kitchen chair up sink, decides help do dishes while im on toilet. Goodbye $1200 laptop is now soaked about gallon water.

Parents Trying Not To Flip Out At Their Kids For Ruining Their Expensive Things

The clumsiest kids on the internet
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People Who Regretfully Used Words They Didn't Know The Meaning Of| thumbnail text - Dayna McAlpine O @daynamcalpine_ went on a date with a guy years ago and told him i might have narcolepsy to which he look at me weirdly, changed the subject and he never called me back - years later he asked if i still fancied dead people and it turns out he thought i meant necrophilia 3:03 PM · Jun 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

People Who Regretfully Used Words They Didn't Know The Meaning Of

At Least They Tried
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People Admit The Mistakes They Are Guilty Of Making In Past Relationships| thumbnail text - rok37m4n • 1d Faking my orgasm just to make him feel good. Now he thinks his the best and won't try anything new. G Reply 4 750 ...

People Admit The Mistakes They Are Guilty Of Making In Past Relationships

You live and you learn
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cheezburger users responses to most expensive things children ruined by mistake - cover pic story about kid driving dads tractor into lagoon costing him $50,000

Cheezburger Users Reveal 'Most Expensive Things Their Children Ruined By Mistake'

The most costly of mistakes
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askreddit scar story injury oops ouch mistake | munchinmonster 63 points 7 hours ago Walked into room and stroked terrier German sheppard got exciting and ran over strokes and accidentally bit my nose.

Redditors Tell How They Got Their Scars

"Shot in the face with an arrow"
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