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Funniest Tweets About 'Doing Hot Girl Sh*t'

Ever since Megan Thee Stallion rapped the legendary line "can't talk right now, I'm doing hot girl sh*t," the world was never the same. Now girls across the globe are doing hot girl sh*t on the daily - whatever that means - and making it known in their Instagram captions. The cool thing about hot girl sh*t is that you could make it whatever you want it to be. Naturally, the Twitter-sphere is all over this trend, capturing it in concise but hilarious tweets. Check 'em out below, and keep that hot girl sh*t game strong! 

Funniest tweets about doing hot girl shit | thumbnail text - megan bot @meg_bot ... Stfu im doing hot girl shit gets in bed. 9:14 PM - Mar 9, 2021 - meg_bot
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