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Wedding Planners Reveal Moment They Knew Marriage Wouldn't Last

Everyone loves a good wedding for the obvious reasons; love, open bar, and cake. But one thing that everyone secretly loves more at a wedding is some drama. And no one has access to the behind-the-scenes wedding dramas more than the staff who work the weddings. These wedding planners, photographers, and bar staff share the crazy things they witnessed at weddings when they realized the marriage was doomed from the start.

wedding planners reveal moments they realized weddings wouldn't last | thumbnail Text - photog99 512 points · 1 month ago Photographer here. Had a groomsmen hit on me all night, kept putting his hands on me. Told the bride and groom I was getting uncomfortable and they both just laughed at me. Ended up literally following me to the bathroom and started grabbing my boobs and trying to kiss me. Had to throw him off of me and told the bride and groom I was leaving after their dances, 1 hour before
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