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A Bouquet of Wedding Memes For Anyone With Marriage On Their Mind

If you're planning a wedding, then you'll know all the stress it entails. From the color scheme to the flower arrangements to inviting every third cousin in your family, it's not easy to pull off a massive event for all your nearest and dearest without something going wrong somewhere along the way. It might be a stressful day for the happy couple, but for the guests, it's a chance to get smashed at the open bar, hook up with a bridesmaid, or show off your incredible dance moves. Weddings are the best, and these memes are here to prove it.

A bouquet of wedding memes for anyone with marriage on their mind | thumbnail text - DJ RYE Follow @djrye When you just crushed the Cha Cha slide and the DJ goes right into cotton eye joe. Yeahmahasiswa Follow @yeahmahasiswa Me at my ex's wedding. Trying to recover all the money I spent on her
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