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Sneaky Husband Steals 5K From Wife's Savings For His Sister's Wedding Dress| Thumbnail Text - Coin - AITA for borrowing some money from my wife's savings account? My wife and I have joined finances but she has a savings account her grandpa set up for

Sneaky Husband Steals 5K From Wife's Savings For His Sister's Wedding Dress

Honesty would have been the best policy
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hideous vintage bridesmaid dresses which are total eyesores | thumbnail includes two pictures of ugly bridesmaid dresses

Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses That Make Our Eyes Sore

Fashion that needs to be left in the past
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talented brides who made their own wedding dresses | thumbnail includes two pictures of brides with wedding dresses Text - “There are 167 Swarovski crystals and 3,500 Delica seed beads on my dress.”, “I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months.”

Talented Brides Who Made Their Own Wedding Dresses

Spectacular DIY wedding dresses
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man trolled for telling pregnant fiancé that her tight fitting wedding dress is tacky | thumbnail text - Posted by u/PriorDragonfruit8147 3 months ago 2 AITA for telling my fiancé that it would be tacky for her to wear a wedding dress emphasizing her baby bump? Asshole ***Context:*** We were originally supposed to be married back in June, but that was canceled for obvious reasons. We're both in our 30s, so the plan had been to start trying for a baby right before our wedding. I wanted to delay t

Man Trolled For Telling Pregnant Fiancé Not To Wear Tight Wedding Dress, Because It's 'Tacky'

He sounds like a true delight
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mom trolled for refusing to contribute towards daughter's wedding dress unless she chooses it | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/JuneBLawrence 10 days ago AITA for paying for my younger daughter's wedding dress and not my older daughter's dress? Asshole I have 3 grown children (son, daughter, daughter). I don't have enough money to give them all $50K for a wedding. So I told them that I can give them $3K each and help with any DIY projects. When my son got married three years ago, his wife was such

Manipulative Mom Makes Conditional Offer To Buy Daughter's Wedding Dress, Gets Trolled

Manipulation at it's finest
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man tells his fiancé not to wear a white wedding dress because she's not a virgin anymore | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/SweetStickyThrowAway 2 days ago 3 82 AITA for convincing my girlfriend NOT to wear a white dress on our wedding day? Asshole So me (32M) and my soon to be wife (23F) are planing to get married in a few months. I come from a very religious house hold with strong Cristian beliefs and one of the traditions in my family is if the woman getting married isn't still a virgin they sho

Man Tells Fiancé Not To Wear White Wedding Dress, Because No Longer A virgin

Welcome to the past
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son gives fiancé's wedding dress to his mother to try on, she ruins it, bride devastated | thumbnail Text - Posted by u/aitathrowaway566 1 month ago 12 10 11 5 3 31 AITA For demanding my fiancé and his mom to pay for a new wedding dress? Not the A-hole Me 26F and my fiancé 28M been engaged for 4 months, we're planning on having our wedding on October 18th, My future mother in law kept annoying me and sending me suggestions for choosing the right wedding dress, and said that she knew better and t

Bride-To-Be's Future Mother In Law Ruins Wedding Dress, Won't Take Responsibility

No boundaries much?
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pictures of colorful wedding dresses beautiful dip dye gradient colors

Artist Creates Mesmerizing Colorful Wedding Dresses

White isn't the only color for brides anymore
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women discounted wedding dress pics reddit show off bride bargain marriage | Here is my $92 dress from Amazon and my homemade bouquet | Bought a dress for $94 on Amazon

Women Show Off Their Hugely Discounted Wedding Dresses

Who doesn't love a great bargain?
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