People Disclose What Their Individual 'Warning Label' Should Say

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew a little bit about someone before you even meet them? Not every single detail, but just some generic background could be really helpful. Like a sign that says, 'I don't like hugs.' Or 'I don't hate you, I just have resting b*h face.' Imagine how many issues could be avoided if we had these? So many relationships could be saved! Nobody would leave an interaction confused about why some person appeared to dislike them a lot.

Well, there is a Reddit thread blowing up where people share what would go on their 'Warning Label,' and most of them are just straight-up silly. Enjoy!

People Disclose What Their Individual 'Warning Label' Should Say| thumbnail text - WirelessTrees · 55d 4 Awards Warning: becomes attached to people very easily. 6 Reply 1 3.5k ...
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