Valentines day

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How To Get Your Valentine's Hookup To Leave Your House

Trick him into going away
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twitter thread about valentine day disappointments | thumbnail text - Natalie v NatSandella Replying _RobertSchultz bought my bf Valentine's gifts and random acts service consecutively leading up day and he had fact asked wanted and then said not tell him bc he wanted surprise then got nothing and he gave head as sorry bc he “didn't know liked v day 2:52 AM Feb 15, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Disappointing Valentine's Day Stories That Prove Men Still Have No Idea What We Want

Boyfriends that are also total heartbreakers, and not in a good way
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overheard conversations for valentines day | thumbnail text - love are talking someone and don't hate them, so basically yes Coverheardnewyork

Funny Overheard Conversations Around The World That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day week, which means love is in the air, every ad, and every store! Just because it's in the air, it doesn't mean we have to breathe it in. Whether we're single, cuffed, or in a situation, love can often be more toxic than sweet. Our girl Britney Spears was onto something when she first sang 'Toxic.' Even though someone might be wrong for us, we'll still be on a ride with a taste of their lips. We can't explain our attraction to people that aren't right for us, but at least it…
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aita post | thumbnail text - Posted by u/throwtri434346 21 hours ago O2 S 2 AITA implying my boyfriend is cheap because V-day gift he got ?

Ungrateful Girlfriend Implies Her Boyfriend Is Cheap Over The Valentine Day's Gift He Made For Her

It's the thought that counts
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When I Found Out My Date Was Actually Married' | thumbnail text - Michael lan Black @michaelianblack My air fryer arrives today. I just know this will be thing that saves my marriage. 3:53 PM · Feb 2, 2022 · Twitter Web App

Funniest Marriage Tweets We Saw This Week (Feb, 15 2022)

The beauty of tying the knot
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Iconic Valentine's Day Tweets We Can Finally Laugh At| thumbnail text - Jawbreaker @sixfootcandy HUSBAND: I got the dog heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. ME: *through a mouthful of cookies* The dog? 9:16 PM · Feb 14, 2019 ♡ 1.3K

Funniest Valentine's Day Tweets We Can Finally Laugh At

The silliest holiday of the year
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Anal BF Puts A Tracking Device In His Valentine's Gift For His GF| thumbnail text - Posted by u/tellornottell3 3 hours ago 2 4 23 S 4 AITA for wanting to tell my brother's fiancée about the tracking app he secretly installed in the new phone he bought for her?

Controlling BF Puts A Tracking Device In His GF's Valentine's Day Gift

No trust in this relationship
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7 Rom Coms To Watch Today That Will Make You Glad You're Single

Valentine's movies that are bad
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9 People Expose Their Worst Valentine's Day| thumbnail text - "My girlfriend always told me she didn't like to make a big deal out of 'Hallmark' holidays. I planned to make a nice dinner at my apartment and have some flowers waiting for her. Before she even came over she said she felt like I hadn't put any effort into things because she didn't receive flowers at work and was embarrassed. She also was pissed we weren't going out to eat."

9 People Expose Their Worst Valentine's Day

The day of love has a lot of pressure
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eight men to avoid on valentines day | thumbnail The Wild Child His energetic, youthful personality is what initially draws you in, but slowly but surely, you realize it's a trap. He never wants to grow up, and as a result, he'll never be ready to grow with you. He loves the idea of love, but he loves his bed, binge-drinking, and buddies more.

Eight Guys To Avoid On Valentine's Day

The guys who will inevitably slide into your DMs
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twitter thread about being single on Valentine's Day | thumbnail text - Jay2 @jaygtoocool Replying ihyomeo Boutta get arrested destroying Valentines section at walmart 5:02 AM Feb 9, 2022 Twitter iPhone

Singles Hilariously Mourn the Impending Doom Of Valentine's Day (Twitter Thread)

Valentine's Day is overrated
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Funniest Tumblr Valentine's Day Card Memes| Thumbnail text - I think you re.. Not terrible.

Funniest Tumblr Valentine's Day Card Memes Keeping Hearts Warm

Love is best expressed through consistent meme exchanges
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The Time I had a First Date on Valentine’s Day with the Guy’s Parents| thumbnail text - "Barb and Maury were grinding up on each other like a couple of teenagers. It would have been sweet if they didn't keep glancing over at me."

First Date On Valentine’s Day Ends Up As An Awkward Double Date With Guy’s Parents

Romance at its peak
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Spoiling Myself With A Vibrator For Valentines Day| Thumbnail text - This is just a PSA: If you have p*ssy hair, MOVE IT OUT OF THE WAY.

Treating the V for V-Day: Woman's Unfiltered Experience With Sweet Treat

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!
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valentines day for all the single ladies | thumbnail text - When your milk has a date on Valentines Day and you don't. FEB 14 TH 07 "Where do you see yourself on Valentines" pulmate

Valentines Day Memes For The Single Ladies

The joys of singledom
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Hilarious tweets for people who hate Valentine's Day| thumbnail text - mike ginn Let's all take a moment of silence this Valentine's Day to think about the couples who started dating end of January @shutupmikeg... · Feb 14, 2015 •.. 12 27 185 487

Twelve Snarky Tweets For Valentine's Day Haters

Ugh, it's that time of year again
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