Gynecologist advice for women before appointments | thumbnail text - Posted by u/AmazingWonder87 3 years ago E Gynecologists of Reddit, what do you wish more women would do before the dreaded annual appointment?

Gynecologists Reveal How They Wish Women Would Prep Before Their Appointments

Wash ya stinky feet
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Funny tweets about vibrators | thumbnail text -  dan ... @dadopotamus my 3 year old walked into our living room with company over and started belting out her favorite song using my wife's vibrator as her microphone. this is the single greatest moment of my life. 11:31 PM · May 22, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Vibrator Tweets Which Made Us Vibrate With Laughter

We stan the vibrator revolution
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gyno appointment tweets | thumbnail text - Jillian C. York jilliancyork My friend telling about her gyno asking if she had any song requests during her appointment Tell picked WAP" 10:22 PM Jun 27, 2021 Twitter iPhone

Women Tweet All About The Awkward Reality Of Gynecologist Appointments

Can't decide if a waxing or gyno appointment is worse
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how to respond to guys who ask if you're on your period | thumbnail text - RaiseIreSetFires · 10h "Are you? Did we finally sync up!? Are we period pals!?"

Clever Responses To Guys Who Mockingly Ask If We're On Our Periods

Kill 'em with kindness
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Funny tweets about pap smears | thumbnail text -  some bunny @cinnubunny Asking my doctor "what are we" after my pap smear 11:29 PM · Apr 15, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

Women Communally Dread The Horrid Pain Of A Pap Smear

Feeling personally victimized by the speculum
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