Relatable Tweets About Barely Surviving Your Period

The fact that women have to go through their painful periods once a month should be illegal. Ain't nobody got time to go through that kind of pain on a monthly basis. If the intense cramps and blood rushing out of your uterus weren't already enough, we also have to be bloated and emotional. The whole ordeal is worn out already in my opinion. We should be trying something new at this point. The women of Twitter have had it up to here with their period struggles, and are set on letting the whole world know. Here are this week's most relatable tweets about having to undergo your period once a month. 

Funny tweets about period pain | thumbnail text - ethereal bisexual @_sapphic_bitch I know god is a man because if god was a woman why would she make periods like this 11:21 PM · Apr 6, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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