funny comments on pornhub - thumbnail includes two images of egg in frying pan and woman and man on bus | here2observe hello made account on here just say hes made worst eggs ever seen. couldn't concentrate after saw abomination | She didn't even tell the bus driver thank you

Wholesome, Funny And Disturbing Comments Found On Pornhub

The human side to porn
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people who work for dating apps reveal the secrets that users don't know about | thumbnail | visualisewhirledpeas 27 days ago My ex bf worked dating site back earlyish 2000s. His job pretend be woman, and message male customers just as their accounts were going expire. This would encourage them pay renew their subscriptions. Once they renewed, he would ghost them. He only lasted few months due unethical

People Who Work For Dating Apps Reveal Dark Secrets Users Don't Know

The dark side of dating apps
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Cheezburger users submitted forgotten trends that make us nostalgic - thumbnail picture of silly bands Text - Amanda L. Baker Those little weird rubber bracelets shaped like animals, and supposedly different colors meant that you were going to have sex with someone

Forgotten Trends Bringing the Nostalgic Feels (Cheezburger User Edition)

Throwbacks we love
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cheezburger users responses to most expensive things children ruined by mistake - cover pic story about kid driving dads tractor into lagoon costing him $50,000

Cheezburger Users Reveal 'Most Expensive Things Their Children Ruined By Mistake'

The most costly of mistakes
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Tweet saying GUY WHO INVENTED STEW: I wish this plate of meat and vegetables was damp

Twitter Users Try Guessing What Inventors Were Thinking

There's a weird truth to these
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mannequin with realistic body and fence built around trees

Product Designers Who Clearly Had The Users In Mind

The little designs that make life easier
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cheezcake users Karen encounters facebook wtf retail memes customer service user submitted | Jesseleigh McAleer working retail Karen told she wanted jump over counter and claw my eyes out" because told her joke. Cant even remember joke anymore. But sure as hell remember her. Like Reply 1d

Cheezcake User Responses To Most Personal 'Karen' Encounters

Who's the Karen in your life?
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twitter bad dates funny reveal dating relationship nightmares | Chantelle @Chantelle_Disco Replying millercycle He summoned spirit his dead Nan. 10:31 AM 4/21/20 Twitter iPhone

People Reveal The Worst Dates They've Ever Been On

There are bad dates and then there's these
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Tumblr users roast USA US ruthless burn users | moami as german kid Used wonder why our radio stations like play american national anthem so much until friend explained Country Roads Take Home is not fact guys' national hymn

Tumblr Users Ruthlessly Roasting The USA

Burn baby, burn
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twitter share quarantine nicknames coronavirus COVID-19 isolation funny tweets users food facebook cupboard | RICE VINIGAR Erika Irvin Frame Just named mine and my sisters kids have moody biscuits, annoy nuggets and spazzy cheese Like Reply 1d tuKALLY VE ATILE ufn.

Our Users Gave Us Their Quarantine Nicknames

Some questionable food choices here
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twitter share quarantine nicknames coronavirus COVID-19 isolation funny tweets users food | elan gale @theyearofelan quarantine nickname is feel right now last thing ate out cupboard can call angry chili mango"

Twitter Users Share Their Quarantine Nicknames

Anything to keep busy right?
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romantic pandemic pick up lines coronavirus covid-19 quarantine romance | Arnold Leija Hey have been tested Coz body is SICK. 35 Like Reply 1d

'Romantic' Pandemic-Themed Pick-Up Lines From Our Users

Who says corona has to kill the romance?
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users tv show characters coronavirus screenplay corvid-19 funny tweet facebook challenge | ben_rosen Jerry is annoyed his girlfriend only washes her hands length Kit Kat jingle George accuses co-worker with allergies having "corona cough" Elaine wants break up with her boyfriend but he's quarantined Kramer starts making his own hand sanitizer his bathtub Using Characters favorite TV Show, describe they would react Corvid-19/ CoronaVirus? CHEEZ burger

User Responses To 'Favorite TV Show Characters Reacting To Coronavirus'

Corvid-19: Unleashing your inner producer
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rage on tumblr about their change in rules

Users Hilariously Express Their Rage Over Tumblr's New NSFW Rules

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