People Reveal Their 'And Then I Was Fired' Moments

The internet is full of stories of people getting fired for all sorts of ridiculous and unfair reasons. And although unemployment is nothing to laugh at, especially during these difficult times, some of the justifications companies use to get rid of their staff are so insulting (and often illegal), that we can only laugh. The hashtag #AndThenIWasFired reveals some of the insane reasons people were let go from their jobs, and they prove just how insane the world is. What's your craziest 'And Then I Was Fired' moment? We'd love to hear from you...

stories of people getting fired from their jobs | Greg DeNinno @gpdno My wife 16 years suddenly and unexpectedly died August. My work got mad because would cry office so took 6 weeks off. They wanted back sooner but refused AndThenIWasFired
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