Fifteen Relatable Tweets For People Who Low-Key Miss Being Unemployed

These are very tough times, and anyone lucky enough to be employed has a lot to be grateful for. However, it is hard to get motivated sometimes, and then we fantasize about the days when we had no money but all the time in the world to do stuff like keep up with TV series, and paint our nails. I guess the grass is always greener, it seems that way, doesn't it?

Anyway, for anyone losing copious amounts of steam at work, you will definitely find these tweets to be relatable AF.

Fifteen Relatable Tweets For People Who Low-key Miss Being Unemployed| thumbnail text - emily allen @emilyOallen · Feb 24 me in a meeting: "this could've been an email" me receiving an email: "i'm going to hurl myself ... into the sun" 193 27 35.8K 280.6K
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