Women Reveal Jobs Which Are Total Turnoffs In Potential Partners

Attraction works in mysterious ways. Even people's jobs could be a make it or break it. You've heard of horrific dates, now feast your eyes on what women consider to be horrific jobs in a potential partner.  I'm personally a major sucker for finance bros, which probably stems from my gold digger persona - but hey, at least I'm honest with myself. Twitter user @Puff_Iya started a thread asking people about people with employment that makes them "undate-able," and the results were amazing, with some being more unexpected than others. Check 'em out to see if you agree with the "hot" or "not" jobs listed below. 

Funny tweets about turnoff jobs | thumbnail text - trashyflashy @trashyflashyxo Replying to @Puff_lya "entrepreneur". Usually its just shorthand for "I sink my generational wealth into bad ideas that don't help anybody, not even me!" 8:22 PM · Apr 11, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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