Funny Twitter Thread Reveals The Stupidity of Horny Guys in Horror Movies

Everyone knows the hottest girls are bound to get killed off within the first hour of a horror movie - brownie points if it's right at the peak of a sex scene. But has anyone ever thought about the guys who are the first to go? Twitter user @JBRylah pointed out the number of guys that are easily led to their doom by a sexy siren/vampire/monster/etc in horror movies, and ultimately blamed their dumbassery on how ridiculously horny they are for the woman in question. Below are the horror movies guilty of depicting this hilarious trope. 

Twitter thread about how horny guys are easily led to their death in horror movies due to their inability to detect shady situations | thumbnail text - Men horror movies are always like wow sexy lady just emerged woods/bog/cave/lake etc. and wants kiss Nothing suspicious about this!
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