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Funniest Tweets About The Struggles Of Parenting Twins

Parenting one child at a time is a tough enough gig, but when you have twins, then it's hellfire and brimstone. Sure, having two for the price of one gives you twice as much cuteness, twice as much love, and twice as many photo opps. But twins also mean double the trouble, which is something the parents of Twitter know all about. These hilarious tweets about the harsh realities of raising twins will make you realize just how tough of a gig it can be, proving that two for the price of one isn't always better.

funny tweets about trials and tribulations of parenting twins | thumbnail text - SCOOB SAIBOT ... @BarkyBoogz First woman that gave birth to twins was prolly like "????????" 4:39 PM Jul 25, 2018 · Twitter for iPhone 68.6K Retweets 1,685 Quote Tweets 366.8K Likes
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