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12 screenshots from a Twitter thread about how tv series taught us to romanticize toxic love | Thumbnail includes a picture from the scene of Sex in the city when Carrie is hitting Big with a bouque of flowers after he left her at the alter '@Theholisticpsyc Big (who's highly emotionally avoidant) impulsively leaves Carrie at the alter. He changes his mind a few minutes and tells his driver to go back. Carrie is heartbroken and get back together after he writes her a two sentence email.'

Hot Take on Relationships: How TV Series Taught Us To Romanticize Toxic Love (Twitter Thread by a Psychologist)

We don't know about you guys, but the older we get the more we realize that the romanticized version of relationships we were fed as kids is nothing but a big fat lie. Turns out, there is no happily ever after or prince charming but instead, just two flawed individuals doing their best to try and make it work. See, fairytales always made love seem like a magical land filled with rainbows and unicorns. But in reality, it's more of a rollercoaster ride with ups and just as many downs… with the oc…
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20 TikTok screenshots about toxic relationships | Thumbnail includes a picture of a woman smiling and a picture of a woman with her finger near her mouth saying shh 'Finding out that my boyfriend's apology was written by Al Me: universe give me a sign if he isn't my soulmate Universe: HE ISN'T YOUR SOULMA- TikTok @chiaraking'

Top 20 Wildest Dating Screenshots Captured By Unstable Users of the TikTok App (No Sound)

Oh they crazy
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toxic-boyfriend boyfriend dump him gaslighting redflags relationships girlfriend cheating women-supporting-women cheater red flags Reddit dumped toxic relationship dating - 19742725

'Open your eyes!': Internet provides harsh wakeup call to woman completely blind to gaslighting-boyfriend who prioritizes his friendship with another girl over their relationship

If you ever meet someone who says they don't know what gaslighting is or how it can hurt someone, show them this story.
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14 screenshots from a Reddit thread about a boyfriend that messed with his girlfriend's birth control, leading to her getting pregnant | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of text and a quote in a purple box  '...he admitted to messing with my birth control and now I don't know what to do' because I know that I had been taking my birth control daily. So eventually I go to the doctors with my boyfriend. Thinking I had t they tal etc. The me I'm felt like end of ke I knew told you n't think would a'

'I didn't think it would actually work' : Evil Boyfriend Microwaves Girlfriend’s Birth Control Pills, Compromising Their Efficiency and Confesses to It Only [After] She Gets Pregnant

He deserves jail
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25 tiktok screenshots with wild and toxic stories about dating | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man's cut off body in a red shirt and a close up picture of an African American man with dreadlocks and a blue shirt 'Me staring at her over sized Shirt tryna figure out if she just like wearing oversized shirts or it's one of her exs (I'm also not mentally stable): I dated a blind girl. She broke up with me. Guess who's back with a different voice.'

25 Wildest Dating Screenshots From Toxic TikTok Users (No Sound)

Y'all need therapy
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15 funny memes about girls who have bad luck with men | Thumbnail includes a picture of Homer Simpson wearing a wedding dress and carrying flowers and a picture of a tomb stone from Spongebob '"Your turn to get on top" Me: When they reply to your paragraph with "K" HERE LIES This Conversation Of'

Best Relatable Memes For Girls Who Have Horrible Luck With Men (a.k.a All of Us)

Suddenly those red flags are looking peachy
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toxic-boyfriend breakup-story marriage proposal egotistcal-boyfriend relationships self-centered-partner women-supporting-women love smart-woman marriage-proposal-fail toxic relationship epic-girlfriend - 19580677

Update: 'AITA if I tell my friend her boyfriend is [ ] proposing?': Girlfriend epically returns the ring and walks out mid-proposal after egotistical boyfriend only invites his “boys” for the intimate event

Marriage proposals have always been a big deal. Whether you have talked about it with your partner before or not, it can truly make or break the relationship. Proposing to someone basically gives the ultimatum of “will you be with me for the rest of our lives or we're breaking up.” Or at least things will be awkward for you two if the person rejects the proposal. That is why you have to take many things in to consideration and those things should absolutely center around the person you are aski…
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Tell Us You're Still In Love With Your Ex Without Saying You're Still In Love With Your Ex | The big thing is both of them come from different backgrounds Financially Olivias life has been good Josie grew up in poverty both her parents OD when she young Josie her friend talked about the kids who get in good colleges because their parents have a lot of money I told her she was just jealous of Olivia again and maybe if Josie had balanced her time better she could have made it in a school like that

Tell Us You're Still In Love With Your Ex Without Saying You're Still In Love With Your Ex

When former lovers remain friends, either one or both are still in love, or neither ever were.
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toxic boyfriend gaslights girlfriend by saying she's "overreacting" to horrible distasteful prank, Reddit confirms that he is actual the biggest red flag

Boyfriend Pulls Malicious Distasteful Prank and Girlfriend Leaves Him Because of It: He Says She's "Overreacting", Internet Says He's the Worst

We're all guilty of missing red flags when it comes to dating. When you're in the moment just following your heart, it's not always easy to pull those rose colored glasses off and see the very obvious red flags flying high. So don't beat yourself up about it. But that moment when you finally see that big red flag is both the most epic and heartbreaking epiphany you'll ever experience. This is exactly what happened to one women after her boyfriend pulled an absolutely malicious prank on her (If…
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Mic Drop: Guy Tells His Girlfriend She’s Gross for Not Shaving Her Legs, She Responds That She Will When He Does | screenshot reads - He told me that it was unhygienic to not shave and we argued back and forth about the issue when I finally told him that I'd only start shaving my legs if he shaved his first. He called me immature and petty, whereas I think he's being super fixated on this weird thing.

Reddit Sarcasm at its Finest: Guy Tells His Girlfriend She’s Gross for Not Shaving Her Legs, She Responds That She Will When He Does

Feminist sarcasm at its finest
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bae fighting boo thang boyfriend girlfriend argument arguing toxic relationship relationships memes love meme dating drama dramatic

20 Funniest Relationship Memes of the Week for Couples Who Are Always Fighting But Somehow Never Break Up

I'm bringing my bae-blade into battle this time
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Friend breaks into bestie's apartment to alert her that her boyfriend is currently cheating on her with his ex

'She broke the chain lock on the door to get in': Friend Breaks Into Woman's Apartment to Alert Her That Her Boyfriend Is Cheating on Her Right Now

Sometimes as a friend you have to break down a door to be a real one.
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Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend | screenshot reads - usd on it. When I pulled her aside to our bedroom and asked her how much she spent on it she was like "don't worry about it honey I love you and want you to be happy" but I wasn't going for it and thought she was trying to show me up in front of all our friends. When she tried to kiss me I pushed her away and said why do you always try to flex your money on me?

Man Ruins His Own Surprise Party Over Getting His Dream Laptop From His Better Earning Girlfriend

A walking bouquet of red flags
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Article about toxic traits girls have when dating that includes funny memes

14 Amusing Memes About Toxic Traits Girls Have When Dating

Girls that have funny toxic traits
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boyfriend makes his new girlfriend a list of every girl who flirts with him at work to avoid any jealousy situations, girlfriend can't tell if he's being brutally honest or super manipulative

'My boyfriend is either being extremely manipulative or profoundly honest' : Braggadocious boyfriend gives girlfriend a list of every woman who flirts with him at the office to keep her “in the loop,” instead throws girlfriend through a loop

Sometimes, debatably more often than not, red flags are super duper obvious. When you look back at a fail relationship it blows your mind that you didn't seem them before . “Oh, he has sleep overs with his super hot girl best friend?” RED FLAG. “He got mad at me because I said hello to my guy friend… from a distance.” BIG 'OLE RED FLAG. Those are obvious in hindsight, but what about the yellow flags? The orange flags? The flags that had you confused and searching for clues. Recently, a woman to…
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13 screenshots from Twitter about Miley Cyrus' new song 'Flowers' | Thumbnail includes a picture of Miley Cyrus walking in a hallway 'According to several sources, the mansion where the "Flowers" music video was filmed was the house where Liam Hemsworth had sex with several women, allegedly 14.'

All The Petty Ex-Husband References Miley Cyrus Hid In Her New Song 'Flowers': Twitter Thread

The tea is simmering with pettiness and revenge
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