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Father Son Pictures Sparks Debate About Toxic Masculinity

In recent years, the conversation surrounding toxic masculinity has sparked some critical debate. Society holds some pretty archaic views regarding the stigmas still attached to men who express their emotions or do things perceived as 'soft' or 'feminine.' Although awareness is increasing, there is still a lot more progress to be made. One father, Eric Owens, experienced this first-hand when he posted a photo collage on Facebook of him and his son lying in his arms over the years, including one when his son was a teenager. His post, which he captioned "18 years later and he still under my arm," went viral, with thousands of people commenting on it. Although many of the comments were positive, a good handful of them (mostly from men) was negative, stating how strange they thought it was for a father to show affection to a grown son— something only a mother should do. Someone posted it all on Tumblr, adding a rant about how this was a classic example of the toxic masculinity pervasive in society and people are agreeing. What do you think about it all?

photos of father and son sparks toxic masculinity debate | aint tryna start nothing but if can't understand this then oh well most people commenting on this post are women and are relating this woman's perspective as mother and daughter women do s nature women and if same man photo laying on his mom like there's nothing wrong with either no grown man should feel comfortable laying up on or under another grown man ain't nothing MANly about women are friends sisters aunts nieces or whatever lay
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